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Chess betting online has always been popular but has become even more widespread since this sport of wits, skill and strategy gained a spotlight after the release of the hit show Queen’s Gambit. We have prepared a list of the best chess betting sites to help you get started.

Best Chess Betting Sites List

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Chess Betting Sites – The Ultimate Guide


chess betting sites

This is the ultimate guide on all things chess betting. In addition to listing the best chess bookies, we also listed some tips for new viewers and experienced punters alike. We will help you get started in the world of chess betting, explain how to read odds, and assess which are the most popular chess tournaments in the world.

We love chess and we truly believe that it’s an exciting sport that everyone should enjoy. Watching it and making predictions on the winner will help you to play better yourself. It’s easy to quickly gain an appreciation for this great game.

History of Chess Betting

history of chess betting

Chess has a rich history, having existed since at least the 6th century. Today, this game has a big following built around it, which is the reason for various big tournaments all over the world.

Grand Masters like Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana enjoy global recognition because of their chess-playing skills and, from time to time, new talents are discovered, irrespective of age. The youngest Grand Master is Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa who is just 16 years old and hails from India.

Interesting facts about Chess:

  • The longest possible chess game will have 5,949 moves.
  • A Grand Master lost to a computer called DeepThought in 1988, making it the first time this happened in history.
  • The folding chessboard was invented by a priest.
  • Checkmate was derived from the Persia phrase ‘Shah Mat’, meaning ‘the King is dead’.

There is a variety of chess betting matches that you can wager on, with the most popular being the Grand Chess Tour, Chess World Championship, and the Chess Olympiad. While a good chess betting strategy is needed for success, players should not overlook the importance of chess betting odds as they will point you to the most profitable tournaments.

History of Chess Betting
🏛️ First Introduced 6th century AD
🏢 Overseeing Organisations FIDE
📶 Bookmaker Coverage Low
Popular in India, France, Spain, Russia, Germany
🌎 World Championship World Cup
🏅 Olympic Discipline No

How to Bet on Chess Online?

Chess is a game of order and so is betting, therefore, you must take certain preset procedures before playing. Below are the things you must do to start betting on the game of chess.

  1. Find a Chess Betting Site

    There are so many chess bookies to choose from and the most credible among them are the ones listed on this page. Visit any of them right away and sign up! You can do that by clicking on the sign-up button.

  2. Fund Your Account

    An empty account at a chess sportsbook will do you no good as it must be funded for you to place chess bets. Use a suitable payment method to get this under way. In addition, check out the Bonuses or Promotions section to see if you can get a welcome bonus.

  3. Start Betting on Chess Matches

    With a healthy bankroll, you can now navigate to any chess game of your choice, like the World Chess Championship, and place your stake. Good luck! We recommend reading up on the match-up you want to bet on beforehand, as knowledge about the game will help you make better bets.

Top 5 Mobile Chess Betting Apps

Chess betting online sites have prepared for the massive rise in the popularity of the sport by rolling out mobile apps that will enable players to stay connected to their chess game even when they’re on the go. In this section, we will unveil the 5 best chess betting apps on the market right now.

Our selected apps are easy to use and support the majority of mobile devices.

  1. #1 Chess betting app – 22Bet

    The 22Bet app is a leader in the online betting industry. It is top-notch and can be put to use on both Android and iOS devices. With this app, you can be at the heart of chess live betting with advanced in-play and live stream features.

    22bet mobile app
  2. #2 Chess betting app – Paripesa

    Paripesa has made following big chess events very easy. By simply downloading its app onto your Android or iOS smartphone, you will never miss out on any chess game. No matter where you are, you can participate by betting on them.

    Paripesa mobile app
  3. #3 Chess betting app – 1xBet

    1xBet is a sportsbook with a global influence and, when you add its provision of mobile gambling via a native app, the site becomes one of the most powerful gambling platforms in existence. In addition to its wide range of sports, chess included, you can enjoy a plethora of top-tier casino games.

    1xbet mobile app
  4. #4 Chess betting app – Bwin

    Betting on all sporting events, including chess, is possible with Bwin. All chess games are brought to you in real-time and you will be able to monitor the fluctuations of chess odds as the events unfold. Journey into gambling comfort with the Bwin app for iOS and Android devices.

    Bwin mobile app
  5. #5 Chess betting app – Megapari

    If you don’t know how to bet on chess, the Megapari app will break it down for you. The app is available for download on the sportsbook’s website and it is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

    Megapari mobile app

Chess Betting Strategy & Tips

Just like any other sporting event, there is no sure-fire betting strategy that will guarantee you winnings. However, certain tips can help you to one-up your opponent, which will give you a clearer path to victory.

Chess Betting Strategy & Tips

The game of chess is a highly cerebral activity. Playing against an opponent, be it a human or a computer, can be a herculean task. But, surprisingly, chess betting online is easier to do, but you must know what you’re doing to get such a result. If you can apply these tips, then chess bets will be less of a challenge to you.

  1. Check the ELO rankings

    In chess, the strength of players varies. Some are more skilled than others. So if you’re going to be betting on games, you ought to know the strength of the players to know where to put your money. The ELO ranking system is a good place to get this information.

  2. Check the Player’s History

    A lot can be revealed when you delve into the past of a chess player. Their historical results will reveal the player’s style of play and the frequency of wins. This should help you to place your bets appropriately.

  3. Look Out for Potential Ties

    A chess game can end in a tie because a lot of players are at the same skill level. If there's any likelihood that the game will end in a tie, move on to another one.

  4. Catch-Up Betting System

    If a player records 2–3 losses in a row, it is possible that in the next couple of games they will make up for them by winning because they will play against lower ELO players. Also, bear in mind that this strategy is highly risky. So proceed with caution.

  5. Know When to Quit

    With gambling, you lose some and you win some. If your chess bets are not going as planned, be disciplined enough to throw in the towel and try again some other time.

Chess Live Betting

Chess Live Betting

The in-play live betting feature of the best chess betting sites will make the gambling more dynamic. You will be able to see the most up-to-date chess odds during the game and also take calculated risks because you can see for yourself how each player is performing.

Top 5 New Chess Betting Sites

If you want a change of gambling scenery, what better place to set your sights than on new chess bookies.

Here are the best brands to check out:

  1. #1 New Chess betting site – Megapari

    This company presents you with all the goodies from the world of chess in a neatly-designed and well-arranged platform. Founded just recently in 2019, it holds the key to top-notch gambling entertainment. Sign-up now so that you don’t miss out!

    new bookmaker Megapari promo page
  2. #2 New Chess betting site – 22Bet

    This is one of the online gambling establishments that launched recently. 22Bet joined us in 2018 and has since then left a trail of good impressions in the minds of everyone it crossed paths with. Check it out today and you won’t have any regrets.

    New bookmaker 22bet promo page
  3. #3 New Chess betting site – Paripesa

    Looking for a new bookie? Paripesa is the one for you. It offers betting services that are second to none with all the latest payment methods for faster deposits and withdrawals. Enjoy chess betting on the go with its mobile site and app.

    New bookmaker Paripesa promo page
  4. #4 New Chess betting site – LV Bet

    LV Bet may be new to the gambling arena, having only been founded in 2016, but it’s already become a betting mainstay. Prepared to impress, LV Bet has a long list of the biggest sports on the planet, topped by incredible bonuses.

    New bookmaker LVbet promo page
  5. #5 New Chess betting site – Betwinner

    Betwinner was launched in 2018. Being young, of course, has its perks and Betwinner is not holding back in this regard. The payment system on this site is superb. Its betting market is robust and all your favourites, including chess, are widely represented.

    New bookmaker Betwinner promo page

Always Check Bookmakers for the Best Chess Odds

Successful gambling is not rocket science, it’s simply knowing what to do and then doing it. The best thing that you can do for yourself is to check out our ranking of the best chess betting sites for great odds and handy bonuses.



Which chess tournaments are the most popular?

The top chess tournaments in the world are the Grand Chess Tour, the Chess Olympiad and The World Championships.

Can I find chess bets at all bookies?

No, because while chess is rapidly gaining popularity, it’s still a niche sport. However, our list contains bookies where you can wager on chess games.

Are there bonuses for chess betting?

This will depend on the sportsbook you’re gambling at. If the bookie offers you a bonus, chances are that you can use it to stake on chess.

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