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Tennis online sports betting has become one of the top sports to wager on. There are over hundreds of tennis bookmakers online offering the best deals in welcome bonuses and free bets.

New online tennis betting sites are also popping up everywhere on the internet, all claiming to be one of the best bookmakers for tennis betting.

However, finding the best betting site for tennis can be daunting.

List of Highly Rated Tennis Bookmakers

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Betting on tennis online has become a very popular practice today, with most of the bookmakers available offering the sport. In addition, the best bookmakers still have live streaming of matches to please fans even more.

You can also find several bookies that offer bonuses and promos specific to tennis. As a result, sports betting becomes even more interesting and bettors increase their chances of making a profit.

Continue here to see everything about tennis bookmakers and how to bet on them.

History of Tennis Sports Betting

History of Tennis Sports Betting

To understand the true history of tennis sports betting and the creation of the best tennis betting sites, we need to look into when tennis started as a sport. When it was originally invented in the 12th century as ‘hand game’. Or ‘game of hand’, if you want to use the literal translation of the french term, ‘jeu de paume’.

As the sport evolved, the tennis court grew a bit larger than a squash court. Special gloves covered the hands while the side walls could be used to play against. Eventually, paddles replaced hand play and, finally, the tennis racquet was invented.

Sometime in the 1800s, ‘lawn tennis’ became popular. Many tennis fans claim that Major Charles Wingfield became the father of modern tennis when he patented tennis equipment and rules in 1874. Mary Ewing Outerbridge is said to have brought lawn tennis to America not long thereafter.

  1. King Henry VIII commissioned the Royal Palace of Hampton Tennis Court in 1526, where tournaments still take place today
  2. Tennis is the second most popular online sports betting category in the UK
  3. In 2018, a tennis sportsbook punter won £186,574 on a tennis Acca bet
  4. The first yellow tennis ball only appeared in Wimbledon in 1986

Sports betting goes back further than tennis. In the UK alone, King Richard I established the original gambling laws in 1190. When lawn tennis became a trend in the 1800s, there were already several football bookies around. It didn’t take long before tennis bookmakers offered markets for tennis events.

Tennis went through several eras of popularity until it became one of the top five sports in the world. There were the Open Games in the 1880s, and the formation of the ATP in 1972, as well as the WTA in 1973. 

With the first online sportsbooks in 1996, football sports betting was quickly followed by sites for betting on tennis. And with that appeared some of the best tennis betting sites we know today. 

Tennis Sports Betting
🏛️ First Introduced 1873
🏢 Overseeing Organisations The International Tennis Federation (ITF)
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in Australia, France, New Zealand, Switzerland
🌎 World Championship US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, and French Open
🏅 Olympic Discipline Yes


  1. Find the perfect bookmaker

    The first step is to find the appropriate bookie for you to bet on, which will vary according to your preference. Some want bookmakers who offer a lot of bonuses, while others are looking for better odds. Always choose the bookie that looks reliable, safe and likely to please your preferences.

  2. Make your registration

    A very simple step, as bookmakers' registrations are very intuitive and similar to most registrations on conventional websites. Enter the necessary data, confirm the registration and you are already good to go.

  3. Make a deposit

    Important step to start betting. You need to go to the deposit page and make at least a minimum deposit to start betting. There are several payment methods available and the minimum deposit amount will vary depending on the bookmakers.

  4. Choose the match and bet

    With all the other steps completed, now you just have to choose which match to bet on ‒ whether it be a live match or not ‒ and place your bet.


Mobile compatibility is important when choosing a tennis online bookmakers Ireland to wager on your favourite players. In this section, we’ve provided you with the best online tennis betting sites with mobile apps. Check and compare them to decide which one fits your preference. Here, you’ll learn everything about the apps that make them the best.

Below are the top 5 mobile apps for pre-match and live tennis betting.

  1. Bet365

    Bet365 is one of the best tennis bookies sportsbooks. The bookmaker features an app with a sleek design and user-friendly interface. Players can enjoy betting on their favourite tennis events via the mobile app. Additionally, there are other value-added benefits like in-play betting in tennis and a live streaming option.

    bet365 mobile app
  2. William Hill

    The list of the top 5 mobile online betting tennis platforms won’t be complete without mentioning William Hill. The mobile app’s interface is impressive and easy to use. Players can download it on Apple Store and Google Play without any hassle.

    william hill mobile app
  3. 22Bet

    We also recommend 22Bet as they offer a seamless mobile betting experience. All the sports events are well-structured for easy access. You’ll find the link to download the app at the top of the page. Players can access generous mobile betting bonuses, live betting on tennis and live streaming.

    22bet mobile app
  4. Unibet

    This is another top sportsbook for tennis betting online on your mobile device. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Click the “Apps” button to download it on your mobile. Interestingly, the app supports several languages, and you can bet on your favourite tennis events. Bettors can also enjoy betting tennis live.

    unibet mobile app
  5. 888Sport

    Another platform that offers a great mobile tennis betting experience is 888Sport. Here, you can bet on different sports events, including tennis. Additionally, you can download the app on iOS and Android devices. The app features impressive graphics with live streaming capabilities.

    888sport mobile app

Sports Betting on Tennis: Tips & Strategies

Tips & Strategies

If you’re ready to take your betting game to the next level, then you should take a look at some tips and strategies to compare and contrast. If you place these next to some of your approaches, you might find a new way to win big with the best tennis betting sites.

Tennis 1×2 Betting

One of the best tennis betting strategies is 1 x 2 betting. The reason we value this method so highly is that most of the best bookmakers for tennis betting spread markets over 1 x 2 betting odds. You may notice this on tennis match markets, where the odds have the symbols 1, x and 2 above them.

As a brief explanation of what this means, you are wagering in three possible outcomes. The ‘1’ represents the home player or team, the ‘X’ symbolises a draw and the ‘2’ is for the away opponent.

While some tennis tournaments don’t represent home or away players, the betting market will indicate who the ‘1’ and ‘2’ stands for.

Tennis Markets

If there is one sport that opens up a hive of betting markets, it’s tennis. While football is still listed as the sport with the most available markets during a game, tennis comes in a close second, especially in the top tennis betting sites. With outright winner odds, set winners, and also a number of serve options, the tennis markets are available for both single matches and tournaments.

However, knowing when to bet on which market is where the tennis strategy comes in. Some markets have more value than others. You’ll also need to take some risks on a few high odds to make a decent profit.

Tennis Live Betting

Where tennis online sports betting markets really shine is in the in-play arena and some new tennis betting sites always call attention to the live matches. As soon as a tennis match starts, live betting begins. Several in-play markets appear, but you’ll need to be fast as they close very quickly. You’ll find that a few of them are repeated every set, such as the odds of the opposing player returning the serve.

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Probably the most exciting one-on-one sports game, tennis is fun to watch and even funnier to bet on in play. If you like Over/Under betting on breaks of serve, women's tennis is the place where you can catch some great odds.



What is the most popular tennis market?

While there are several tennis markets to wager on, especially for live betting, the most popular is the match-winner. Any tennis betting company offers odds for this market.


What is Tennis Virtual Sports?

Some tennis betting websites offer virtual sports. This feature offers punters the opportunity to bet on a computer-simulated tennis match. The results are randomised while offering similar betting markets as real tennis. Just ensure that you wager on trusted sportsbooks for tennis.


What is Tennis In-Play Betting?

The best tennis betting site will offer you a chance at in-play betting. While a tennis match is live, certain in-play or live betting markets open and close. These markets can include odds for return a serve, number of outs during a set as well as the outright winner for a set.


Do tennis bookies offer Future Bets?

Absolutely. Before you register on a site for betting on tennis, have a look at any upcoming tournaments in its tennis sportsbook. There should be a list of future tournament events that you can already place bets on.


What is the difference between Tennis Match Betting and Matched Betting

We’ve often seen these two terms not probably understood on gambling sites. Tennis Match Betting consists of betting on the markets open before and during a game, specifically the match-winner. However, Tennis Matched Betting takes advantage of free bets offered by internet bookies to receive real cash. Matched betting is also known as back betting, lay betting and double betting.

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