Basketball Betting Sites


If you are looking for the best basketball bookies to place your wagers with, then we have them here for you. Currently, several sportsbooks are available in the iGaming market online. However, not all sites are worth accessing. But don’t worry!

Our team has done the required research to bring our readers a list of currently trending best online basketball betting sites. We have all the information on basketball and online basketball betting, along with some lists. So, join us to get all the details below!

List of Best Online Basketball Betting Sites

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Basketball Betting Sites – The Ultimate Guide


Our basketball betting sites review covers everything you need to know about this sport and how to bet on it online.

You will find all the key information on basketball betting on this page. We describe various top basketball teams globally, as well as offering betting tips, live betting on basketball info, mobile betting, etc.

Basketball betting sites

You will find all the key information on basketball betting on this page. We describe various top basketball teams globally, as well as offering betting tips, live betting on basketball info, mobile betting, etc.

If you are new to online basketball betting, then you’ve landed on the right page. This article brings you to basketball betting markets, teaches you how to access them, and reveals which platform offers the best odds, strategies for basketball betting, tournaments, mobile betting apps, and more.

This is the ultimate guide on basketball betting online! So rest assured, by the time you are done reading, all your doubts about online basketball betting will be resolved, and you will be ready to begin your betting ventures. So, let’s get started!

Author Eugene Ravdin Eugene Ravdin

I confess this is deeply judgmental, but I firmly believe that basketball is the best team sport with a ball there is in the Universe. It's spectacular, dynamic, energetic and just cool. Forget about betting, just watch some good game of hoops. And I don't just mean the NBA. European basketball, namely Euroleague, may not be as spectacular as the NBA, but it is much more about team play, defence and grit.

History of Basketball Betting

History of basketball betting

The actual beginning of sports betting is not known. But it has been a part of various cultures across the globe since time immemorial.

The game of basketball was invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The sport was liked by many and soon gained immense popularity in the USA. The first professional basketball league was the National Basketball League (NBL), set up in 1898 in Philadelphia.

After the NBL, many other leagues like the NCAA, the NBA, the Women's League, EuroLeague, ASEAN Basketball League, etc., started cropping up worldwide. This also provided a pathway for basketball betting.

Online betting sites started to become available around the mid-1990s. From then on, online sports betting started to sprout slowly. It was not an instant hit at first, taking its time along with the worldwide spread of the internet.

Fast-forward to 2020 and the iGaming industry is booming like never before, and basketball betting has its share of loyal online members. These bettors have many global basketball leagues and matches to view and bet on.

  1. Basketball was invented by James Naismith, a physical education teacher.
  2. The sport was played with a soccer ball at first.
  3. Michael Jordan is the wealthiest former professional NBA player.
  4. New York Knicks is the wealthiest basketball team globally.

For centuries, basketball has remained among the top sports in the United States. The National Basketball League (NBA) of North America is the most popular and notable professional league globally. However, many other leagues are active on different continents, like EuroLeague, Turkish Basketball Super League (BSL), Spanish Liga ACB, and Australia’s National Basketball League (NBL), to name a few.

These leagues come together to participate against each other in major international tournaments like the Men’s Olympic Basketball Tournament and FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Table about Basketball Betting
🏛️ First Introduced 1891
🏢 Overseeing Organisations International Basketball Federation (FIBA)
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Turkey
🌎 World Championship FIBA Basketball World Cup
🏅 Olympic Discipline Yes

How to Bet on Basketball Online?

Now that you have some idea about basketball, let's get started on how to bet online. A simple process that you can learn quickly to adapt to online basketball betting.

Follow the steps to bet on the best betting sites for basketball online:

  1. Select Your Online Basketball Betting Sites

    The first and crucial step to betting online is to pick a reliable and trustworthy platform. Well, currently, you will have hundreds of sportsbook sites. However, you don’t have to try out each and every bookie to know it. You can go through our list of the best bookmakers for basketball.

  2. Register with the Site

    The next step would be to register and create an account on the basketball betting website of your choice. To get started, visit the bookmaker website and click on the register or sign-up button. Then enter all the necessary details, like full name and email address.

  3. Deposit Amount

    To place real-money basketball bets, you must first ensure you have a sum in your betting site account. So, check out the simplistic banking options to add money to your account. If you opt for the welcome bonus available on the website, ensure to deposit an amount greater than the minimum amount required.

  4. Placing Bets

    Now that you are set with your account, head straight to the ‘Sports’ section and choose any ongoing tournament of your interest, such as the NBA or NBL. Choose the best basketball bets with good odds and add to your bet slips. Finally, decide the amount you want to place a wager on selected bets and go with it.

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Basketball Betting

It isn’t always possible for all bettors to stay glued to their desktops to bet online. In such situations, sports betting mobile apps come in handy. The apps give you the freedom to access online betting from anywhere and at any time.

Hence, we’ve researched and brought you a list of the best bookies for basketball compatible with mobile devices. Check them out below:

  1. #1 Mobile App for Basketball Betting - 22Bet

    22Bet is one of the best basketball websites that offer users the smoothest mobile apps for online betting. It has separate applications designed for iOS and Android devices, ensuring it covers the most used mobile devices, including tablets.

    22bet app
  2. #2 Mobile App for Basketball Betting - Bet365

    The next exciting basketball application comes from the international brand Bet365. The Bet365 app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your operating system. The app features various essential elements that assure users of an uninterrupted online betting experience on the go.

    Bet365 app
  3. #3 Mobile App for Basketball Betting - Parimatch

    The Parimatch sports betting app comes with several unique elements. You can get the links to download Android or iOS apps on the Parimatch website. The app supports five languages, including English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi and Telugu. It also comes with a neat interface that allows for instant betting.

    Parimatch app
  4. #4 Mobile App for Basketball Betting - 888sport

    888sport’s mobile app offers a wide array of pre-match and live betting markets. The app is also built to present many other added features. From fingerprint touch ID to faster banking transactions, welcome offers, weekly deals, customer support and more, the app is perfect for betting on the move.

  5. #5 Mobile App for Basketball Betting - Unibet

    Unibet has designed a swift and secure betting app. Apart from the fantastic range of sports markets, it also features over 40,000 live betting options every year. This way, you can stream live matches on the app and bet on them according to your convenience.

    Unibet app

Tips and Strategies for Basketball Betting

Tips and strategies of basketball betting

No matter how good you are at the basketball game, some tips and strategies always come in handy when you are starting to bet online.

So, here are a few tips for our readers that can help you start your online basketball venture:

  1. Know the Game

    You must get thorough knowledge of the game before placing real money bets. This includes almost all the information about the teams playing and the players in the team you are betting on. Utilizing all this info, you can place your bets in a more informed manner.

  2. All About Odds and Bet Types

    Sometimes odds can be confusing when using them for the first time. It is always best to learn about all the odds, bet types, and rules associated with basketball betting. You should also get familiar with the odds formats like decimal and fractional.

  3. Live Basketball Betting

    Always go for the betting sites basketball options that offer both live betting and live streaming on a single platform. This helps you to watch the ongoing match and place your bets accordingly. Otherwise, you will need to watch the game on some other platform.

  4. Bankroll Management

    Before starting basketball betting, decide on your bankroll. Bankroll refers to the amount you can afford to wager and lose if things go south. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Also, never chase your losses. If you lose your bankroll, you should stop there.

  5. Get Help from Experts

    Fortunately, there are numerous basketball betting prediction sites on the web these days. You can access the opinions of countless experts and evaluate the data accordingly to decide on your bets. However, we don’t recommend following just one expert as more data means more studied bets.

Most Popular and Best Online Basketball Betting Markets

Did you know there are many ways to bet on an ongoing basketball match? It’s not just about betting on a winning team and waiting till the end.

Instead, the sportsbook sites offer a great variety of basketball betting markets that you can follow and wager on a list of events throughout the match. Let’s look at the most popular markets available on the best betting site for basketball:

Basketball Live Betting

Live basketball betting

Live betting is the best way to enjoy basketball matches from your comfort zone. They bring in excitement and thrill by allowing you to watch and bet during the live matches. Especially global events like the NBA, the NBL, and the EuroLeague, which all make the entire betting experience worthwhile.

However, you have to be attentive and be able to take fast betting decisions whenever the odds are featured. The odds change quickly. So, you must know which opportunities are best for you and pick them up while available.

Our Recommended Top 9 Best Basketball Bookies Online

As mentioned earlier, there are several online betting platforms for basketball. Bettors can’t research every one of them to decide on the best basketball betting site. Hence, we have done the required work and thoroughly researched several sites to bring our readers the best of the lot.

Here is the list of top 9 best basketball bookmakers that we recommend:

  1. #1 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - William Hill

    William Hill is an established brand in the sports betting world. The platform is home to over 33 different sports and featuring hundreds of events under them. For basketball enthusiasts, the site features various popular tournaments like the NBA and NCAA, with various betting markets and enhanced odds.

    William Hill promo page
  2. #2 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - Powbet

    Next on our list is one of the best basketball betting sites: Powbet. Definitely a top-notch platform, with an amazing selection of basketball betting options along with regular promotions. Furthermore, Powbet offers great odds on NCAA matches, making it one of the ideal college basketball betting sites.

    Powbet promo page
  3. #3 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - 1Bet

    1Bet is a famous modern gambling and sports betting site, designed with an aim to offer users an unforgettable sports booking experience. The site has over 100 different basketball events from the top leagues of this industry.

    1bet promo page
  4. #4 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - Spreadex

    Spreadex is one of the most well-known basketball betting websites and long-standing, established in 1999. It has won many awards, including being listed among the top 100 fastest growing UK companies in betting, gambling and trading. The platform has many ace features, including a wide range of basketball and sports markets, in-play betting, and fixed and valuable odds.

    Spreadex promo page
  5. #5 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - Mozzart

    Explore a dazzling range of sportsbook markets along with great odds at Mozzart. It’s definitely a perfect platform for basketball fans looking to bet online. There were over 90 basketball markets alone during our website trial. Plus, the site also has an amazing collection of many other sports markets and in-play features.

    Mozzart promo page
  6. #6 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - Lilibet

    Lilibet is rather a unique sportsbook site when compared to many other platforms. Its basketball betting options are impressive, with a collection of many top leagues worldwide. You also have access to various beneficial additions at Lilibet, which include promotional offers and  VIP benefits.

    Lilibet promo page
  7. #7 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - Bet365

    Bet365 is by far one of the most popular betting websites operational since 2000. It has over 63 million loyal customers seeking its betting services worldwide. Basketball fans can enjoy pre-match and live betting options here. It also has a live streaming option.

    Bet365 promo page
  8. #8 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - 22Bet

    Just like Bet365, 22Bet has also gained an excellent reputation since its inception. The platform has over 400,000 online customers visiting regularly. It offers several bet types on basketball markets and you also have access to many Casino and eSports betting features.

    22bet promo page
  9. #9 Bookmaker for Basketball Betting - Unibet

    Unibet has been providing betting services since 1997. It has aced the industry to ensure authentic and reliable betting opportunities for users. The platform stands among the best basketball betting platforms and is highly recommended by our experts.

    Unibet promo page

Top 4 New Best Basketball Bookmakers

Some of the newly-established sites offer updated betting facilities, making them the best platforms to use. Hence, we have created this list of the top 4 new basketball betting sites for our readers:

  1. #1 New Bookmaker for Basketball - Powbet

    Powbet was recently established in 2020 owing to the greater demand for online sports booking. It is regulated by the Curacao Government and hosts various sports options like basketball, football, and tennis.

    New bookmaker Powbet main page
  2. #2 New Bookmaker for Basketball - Paripesa

    Paripesa was established in 2019, offering exciting betting options. You can bet live, access fast cash-out features, mobile betting, incredible bonuses and more. Furthermore, the platform has a dedicated eSports section as well.

    New bookmaker Paripesa main page
  3. #3 New Bookmaker for Basketball - FEZbet

    Next in line is the FEZbet sportsbook site, launched in 2020. FEZbet has some of the top basketball league betting options. The platform also supports cryptocurrencies for online betting on the site.

    New bookmaker FEZbet main page
  4. #4 New Bookmaker for Basketball - 20Bet

    20Bet started its betting services in 2020. The platform offers several betting options, including basketball betting. In addition, 20Bet comes with an excellent live betting section and convenient payment options.

    New bookmaker 20bet main page

Always Check Bookmakers for the Best Basketball Odds

Bookmakers often try to offer their users the best possible odds. However, this varies from one platform to another. This is why we check out all the odds and associated information concerning the betting sites basketball to ensure fair deals for our readers.

If you are looking for some of the best basketball websites and odds, check out our top betting sites Australia rankings.

Bookmaker margin for the top basketball leagues

Bookmaker margin for the top basketball leagues
Euroleague NBA Champions League Spain - ACB Italy - Lega A
4.1% 5.8% 8% 3.8% 3.9%
6% 6.6% 8% 6.4% 5.9%
5.3% 6% 7.4% 5.2% 5.2%
8.8% 8.3% 7.1% 8.6% 8.8%
5.9% 5.1% 5.8% 5.4% 6.1%



What is the hottest basketball team of all time?

New York Knicks is the hottest basketball team of all time. However, other teams like Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers might like to challenge this status.

What is the best bookmaker for basketball betting?

There is no one best sportsbook for basketball betting. We’ve made a list of the top ten bookmakers that offer the best basketball betting services online.

Can I watch live matches of basketball on online sportsbook platforms?

Yes, some bookies support the live streaming of basketball matches. You can watch and enjoy the game while also betting on it simultaneously.

Are online sportsbook sites safe to access?

The sportsbook sites that are licensed and regulated regularly are safe to use. All our recommended sites are licensed by reputable regulatory bodies.

Can I bet on the different leagues and teams of other nations?

Yes, the basketball sports betting sites offer the facility for users to bet on any nation, any league and any team of their choice.

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