The best NBA Betting Sites & Sportsbooks for the 2023 NBA Season


Betting on NBA games has become one of the most popular activities among NBA fans. Here, we discuss how to find the best NBA betting websites where you can make easy bets and win money without encountering withdrawal issues.

List of NBA Betting Sites

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NBA Betting Sites – The Ultimate Guide


Best NBA Betting Sites

This is the ultimate guide for NBA betting. Read about all the topics related to NBA betting, including how to find the best NBA online betting website to suit your preferences. With basketball being the third-most-watched sport in the world, it enjoys over two billion fans and a place in the Olympic Games.

If you enjoy watching the sport of basketball at its highest form via the NBA, then you might also enjoy earning from it. Join an NBA betting website today.

History of NBA Betting

History of NBA Betting

Betting on sports has always been a popular and exciting activity for enthusiasts and fans alike. Even long before the formation of the NBA, many people were already betting on basketball games. With the rise of the NBA’s popularity worldwide, many more people also saw the opportunity to make money from the games.

NBA basketball is one of the most bet-on sports worldwide. The globalised league has also attracted international audiences and bettors. Today, you’ll find many betting sites that cover these high-level basketball games and championships.

Interesting Facts

  1. Western NBA Championship Squads came from Texas/California in 1979.
  2. The shortest player in NBA history, Muggsy, blocked 39 shots.
  3. Air Jordans were once banned from the NBA.
  4. Only two NBA games have taken place on Christmas Eve.

Basketball is more than a sport. It’s a culture of its own and the National Basketball Association is a smaller circle of this culture.

NBA betting provides more than one way for punters to earn money while having fun. It also opens the topic of how teams can improve and which players should make it to the top leagues next.

Table about History of NBA Betting
🏛️ First Introduced 1946
🏢 Overseeing Organisations PBC, NBA
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in Canada, USA, Philippines, Europe, Australia
🌎 World Championship NBA Championships
🏅 Olympic Discipline Yes

What makes NBA so popular

NBA has a reputation as the most prominent major basketball championship not only in the United States but in the whole world. Since its creation on June 6, 1946, in New York City, the league has withstood plenty of major changes including the merger of the NBA and the American Basketball Association (ABA) in 1976.

There were several major points in history that made the NBA as widespread as it is now. First things first, basketball gained the official status of an Olympic sport in 1936, which drew the attention of millions of sports fans and potential bettors from all around the world. Not surprisingly, it was a clear premonition that major basketball leagues, especially as elaborate and significant as the NBA, would not have any trouble gaining their place under the sun in the global sports arena.

Besides, American basketball boasts some of the most remarkable athletes in the sport’s history. Let alone Michael Jordan and his drastic rise in popularity in the 1990s that helped the NBA become a globally recognized league. On top of that, the league’s history is enriched by the records of such basketball sensations as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, and Shaquille O'Neal.

Basketball still has strong competitors in terms of popularity across the States and the globe but the game surely stands out in terms of its shorter time span compared to football, the intensity of every match, and the dynamic scoring system that makes the NBA one of the most action-packed and exciting sports to watch and bet on. As a result, this major league keeps attracting more and more venturesome punters with each new season. A dynamic and intense sport with a high-scoring system and a wide bookmaker coverage, isn’t that a dream of every bettor?

How to Bet on the NBA Online?

If you’re new to NBA betting, you won’t know where to get started. Below, we discuss the vital steps involved, like finding NBA bookies and placing a bet. You only need to follow the steps below to make successful and smooth bets.

  1. Check Our List of NBA Bookmakers

    Start your NBA betting journey by selecting an NBA bookmaker from our list. We have bookies that operate in all countries that enjoy the NBA games and more. All the NBA betting sites on the list cover basketball betting, so choose wisely.

  2. Get Used to Your Bookmaker

    Once you’ve chosen an NBA betting site, start exploring it immediately. Become familiar with the web pages or the app’s features. You must learn how to navigate the betting site. When you’re ready, create an account and get verified.

  3. Check Payment Methods at NBA Betting Site & Deposit Funds

    You have to deposit funds into your account before you can bet on your favourite NBA team. Enter the necessary information and the amount you want to place on NBA betting. Most betting websites accept standard depositing methods.

  4. Start Betting!

    At this stage, you’re ready to start betting. You can even start as soon as the next NBA match does. It helps to do your research on the next NBA teams playing.

  5. Get Your Winnings!

    The final step is to collect your NBA bet winnings. You don’t need to worry about your winnings being held up. Most betting sites try their best to make the collection process quick and smooth.

NBA rules and all about it

Recently, there has been an attempt coming from the NBA to make things a bit more interesting, in terms of the league format, for fans watching their product from all over the world. Essentially, the league format is the same, as teams get splitted across East and West Conferences, with every team playing each other, making it about 82 games throughout the regular season.

That's where things get really engaging, as instead of just picking the top 8 teams from each Conference and sort them to play in the play-offs, the NBA created the play-ins, which is totally innovative, and after two seasons where this new system has been implemented, we can say that it worked out pretty well in terms of audience. It is true, however, that this new system may be taken as somewhat unfair, especially to seven and eight seeds, as they now need to go through a few other knockout games against nine and ten seeds from each conference before actually making it to the play-offs.

After the play-in winners are declared, we now head for the actual play-offs, with the same old system, where the first seed from each conference face the eight seed teams, the second seed against them 7th, and there respectively, in a best-of-seven series, meaning the first one who gets four wins goes one to the next phase, all the way to the great finals, where the Western and Eastern Champions face each other to see who will be adding another ring to their cabinet.

As for the game time, everything remains the same, as each match is made of four periods of 12 minutes each. However, games are typically long, as there are plenty of timeouts, and tactical fouls, especially during key play-off matches.

To sum it up, check out the list below for a better comprehension of the overall rules:

  • 30 teams are splitted into West and East Conferences
  • 82 games for each team throughout regular season
  • New play-in system, where seeds seven, eight, nine, and ten face each other for two spots in the play-offs
  • Play-offs games where the top-8 from each conference face each other in a best-of-seven series
  • NBA Finals, where Western and Eastern Champions face each other for the ring
  • Every match lasts up to 48 minutes, divided into periods of 12.
  • There can't be a draw in the NBA, as teams need to go through overtime periods in order to a winner to be proclaimed

Top 5 Mobile Apps for NBA Betting

Do you prefer using a mobile app instead of NBA betting sites? The good news is that most basketball and NBA bookmakers have also migrated to the mobile platform for their bettors’ convenience. On top of making betting on your favourite NBA team easy, they also make it so you can bet anytime, anywhere.

Below is a list of the top NBA betting mobile apps you should consider using today.

  1. #1 NBA Betting App – 20Bet

    20Bet is one of the best go-to apps for many sports fans. It features betting options on a wide range of sports and eSports games, like the NBA. It also has international coverage, so you can bet on your favourite team even if you’re not from the same country.


    • Easy to download from the website
    • Welcome bonus for new mobile users
    • Safe and transparent betting experience
    • Full and partial cashout feature


    • The app is not available on the App Store or Google Play
    20bet mobile app
  2. #2 NBA Betting App – Bet365

    Another excellent site for NBA betting is Bet365. It’s more than a bookmaker for NBA bettors. The app also publishes news articles related to the sports they cover, while the site is also a bookie for other basketball leagues and games, like the NCAAB. Plus, they offer NBA live streams.


    • Trusted and experienced bookmaker
    • Available on Google Play and App Store
    • 1,000,000+ downloads
    • Bet placement within 30 seconds


    • Some payment methods are unavailable in the app
    bet365 mobile app
  3. #3 NBA Betting App – William Hill

    William Hill is the best sports betting app for those in the United States. It has offices all over the US and state-specific web pages. Plus, it partners with popular casinos and runs contests for its clients. The app also has a responsible gaming principle, protecting its clients as well.


    • On the market since 1934
    • Native apps for all mobile platforms
    • Easy access to promotions via mobile
    • Push notifications for new bonus offers


    • A lot of restricted countries
    william-hill mobile app
  4. #4 NBA Betting App – 22Bet

    The next NBA betting website and app on our list is 22Bet. This bookmaker is a good choice for NBA bettors and enthusiasts, no matter how experienced or new they are to the scene. The betting app provides detailed pages of various NBA teams, providing updated information during matches.


    • Available for Android & iOS
    • Welcome bonus for new mobile punters
    • Full & partial cashout feature
    • Crypto-friendly


    • The apk requires a manual download
    22bet mobile app
  5. #5 NBA Betting App – 888sport

    888sport is the online sportsbook app of the award-winning and renowned betting site. It has many awesome features, payment methods, and security coverage to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment. The app is available in almost all countries where the NBA is popular, like Canada and the United States.


    • More than 10 years of experience in the market
    • Compatible with all smartphones
    • Live streaming
    • Request a Bet feature


    • Slow withdrawals
    888sport mobile app

Tips & Strategies for Online NBA Betting Sites

Joining NBA betting sites alone isn’t enough to win money. You should also know how to bet on the teams most likely to win. We’ve listed the top strategies and tips for basketball bettors when they make a bet.

Tips & Strategies for Online NBA Betting Sites

  1. Research First

    Knowledge is the most powerful tool for success. Before making bets on any betting sites for basketball online, always make sure you have all the important information about the teams playing. Research each team’s best/worst players and their strengths/weaknesses.

  2. Check Scores

    How do you know if the data you found during your research is accurate? Checking the scores of the NBA teams can help you to verify the information. These scores are also tools that can tell you about a team’s performance.

  3. Stay Updated on Team Changes

    Certain players do well when they’re in a specific team or with certain teammates. Their skills gel with each other smoothly, making up the backbone of the team’s strengths. Without them, an NBA team might not play the same way.

  4. Monitor the League Table

    Watching the league table will help you to understand which teams are doing well and how they perform against an opposing team. The table also acts as a summarising tool for a team’s performance in their conference or series.

  5. Watch the Game

    Watching the game will give you first-hand information about a team. No matter where you live or how far behind your timezone, you should always watch the actual NBA games. Look for betting sites in Germany to stay up to date.

Most Popular NBA Betting Markets

The betting markets for most bookmakers online differ. They may focus on the first to win, draw no bet, handicap, and so on. Below is a list of the markets and advice on picking one.

Continue below to find the best betting site NBA fans can gamble at.

Most successful NBA teams

Both punters and oddsmakers on the web have their all-time favourite teams when it comes to betting on the NBA. Sure thing, wagering on a legendary team will give you an ultimate advantage and increase your chances of placing a winning bet. Now let’s take a look at the most prominent and successful team selections that keep stirring the interest of sports fans and authors of expert reviews every now and then.

NBA Live Betting

NBA Live Betting

Do you prefer making wagers once the ball is in play? Use NBA live betting instead. In essence, it’s a bet you can place after the game starts. It’d be a good alternative if you are late to the last call. Yet, the odds are more volatile because sportsbooks can update them after every basket or missed shot.

Top 10 Recommendations: The Best Betting Sites for NBA Games

You’re ready to join and bet at the best online NBA betting sites. The problem is you’re not sure if a website is any good or not. Look no further, because we’ve collected a list of the best betting sites for NBA games.

  1. Bet365

    A popular sportsbook among bettors is Bet365. It has great service, many betting options and products, and excellent sports coverage. To top it off, Bet365 has smooth deposit and winnings withdrawal features. It’s also secure and available on Android and iOS, making it easily accessible to all punters.


    • Has been in the industry since 1974
    • Boasts more than 20 million active users around the globe
    • Holds licenses from the MGA, the UKGC, and Gibraltar
    • Offers over 45 sports markets to bet on


    • Lower odds on secondary matches and leagues
    bookmaker bet365 home page
  2. 22bet

    Fast payments, a proactive customer support team, and bettor-friendly terms and conditions are the top features of 22Bet. It’s one of the top betting websites in the UK, holding a licence issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). On top of the NBA, it covers over 25 other sports.


    • More than 5 years of experience in the market
    • Competitive odds on NBA and other top leagues
    • More than 100 payment options, including crypto
    • One of the top picks for punters worldwide


    • No live streaming feature
    bookmaker 22bet promo page
  3. 1XBet

    Basketball and NBA lovers will enjoy 1xBet for its generous bonuses and competitive odds. This sports betting platform accepts cryptocurrency. It also offers a multi-live feature for players who enjoy multitasking. If you want to access the website on your phone, you can also use its well-optimised mobile app.


    • Over 10 years of experience in the industry
    • A wide selection of more than 50 sports markets
    • Multi-licensed bookmaker
    • Enhanced odds on a daily basis


    • Restricted in many countries
    bookmaker 1xbet promo page
  4. Rabona

    Two of Rabona’s top features are its security and software. The betting platform offers a huge game selection if you ever need something to do while waiting for the day of the NBA Finals. The site is easy to navigate and comes with a user-friendly mobile version.


    • Very few country restrictions
    • Fast Markets & Quick Bet feature available
    • Offers Alternative Handicaps and Player Specials
    • Increased profit with high winning limits


    • Lower odds on in-play markets
    bookmaker rabona promo page
  5. 888Sport

    Founded in 2008, 888sport is a long-running online betting site. Thanks to its great security, extensive sports selection, and early cash-out features, it has become a go-to option for many NBA bettors. Although it’s based in the United States, the website is accessible worldwide.


    • Very few country restrictions
    • Fast Markets & Quick Bet feature available
    • Offers Alternative Handicaps and Player Specials
    • Increased profit with high winning limits


    • Lower odds on in-play markets
    bookmaker 888sport home page
  6. William-Hill

    Do you enjoy betting platforms that have frequent specials and sportsbooks promotions? William Hill is a trusted brand name in the sports betting community, especially in the United States. On top of its wide selection of betting markets, it provides a series of added value opportunities for NBA bettors.


    • One of the oldest bookmakers, created in 1934
    • A huge sportsbook with impressive market coverage
    • A wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods
    • Offers parlays, futures markets, and other popular wagering options


    • Includes fees on withdrawals via bank transfers
    bookmaker william-hill home page
  7. Unibet

    Another sportsbook that has earned its place in our top 10 is Unibet. The brand has extensive betting options and provides a quality experience to sports bettors. It welcomes new customers with generous bonuses, especially for sports betting clients. The brand is also trusted in the sportsbook market.


    • 10+ years of experience in the market
    • Licensed by the UKGC, Malta, Gibraltar, Estonia, and more
    • Impressive sports coverage with more than 40 markets
    • Live streaming and cashout features


    • Low winning limits
    bookmaker unibet home page
  8. Sportaza

    NBA is only one of the many leagues that Sportaza covers as a sportsbook. Its betting coverage has more options than your regular sportsbook. This bookmaker also offers different odds types and bets for its many clients, like fractional, decimal, and American. Its website is easy to navigate as well.


    • Few country restrictions
    • High odds on both popular and secondary leagues
    • VIP loyalty program for the most devoted bettors
    • High payouts on top leagues and championships


    • No dedicated mobile apps
    bookmaker sportaza promo page
  9. Powbet

    Do you want to make the most out of your NBA bets? Powbet offers special VIP rewards and treats for all clients who want to receive the highest rewards for their money. It also offers competitive and feasible odds alongside many bonuses and regular promotions.


    • Provides services in more than 100 countries
    • Widely popular across Europe and the US
    • A wide range of lucrative promotions
    • Offers a Bet Builder feature


    • Low withdrawal limits
    bookmaker powbet promo page
  10. 1Bet

    Live betting is one of the strengths of 1Bet, as well as security, safety, and legality. It also covers various sports and eSports events. Plus, it provides special betting opportunities for bettors who want to try something new, such as the Team Highest Scoring Quarter bet.


    • Over 10 years of experience
    • Generous welcome bonus for new customers
    • Offers desktop and mobile browser versions
    • Provides regular Reload bonuses on sports


    • Doesn’t provide native mobile apps
    bookmaker 1bet promo page

Types of bonuses for NBA betting

Since online NBA betting is flourishing, bookmakers all around the world use different betting bonuses to add to the excitement you get from basketball bets. In the list below, you can see the most common types of promos offered by NBA betting sites.

Top 5 New NBA Betting Sites

Do you want to try joining a new betting site this season? Check out the betting sites that have recently made it to the mainstream.

  1. #1 New NBA Betting Site – Ditobet

    Although it lacks a live-streaming feature, Ditobet is available worldwide. It has various withdrawal and deposit methods. The sportsbook also lists various odds formats for different bettors. You can also play casino games on Ditobet while waiting for the regular-season games to start.


    • More than 10 payment methods, including crypto
    • Over 40 sports markets to bet on
    • Free bets, referral bonuses, and a regular acca boost
    • Relatively low margins on top leagues and events


    • No phone number for support
    New bookmaker ditobet sports page
  2. #2 New NBA Betting Site – Lilibet

    Another new player on the block is Lilibet Casino. As a sportsbook, this site is fairly average. It accepts various deposit and withdrawal methods. Those who have tried the site vouch for its trustworthiness, numerous games, and quality.


    • Offers a Bet Builder feature
    • Supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, and Ethereum
    • One of the most competitive odds among new bookmakers
    • 5% unlimited cashback offer and a 10% daily cashback


    • No dedicated mobile apps
    New bookmaker Lilibet homepage
  3. #3 New NBA Betting Site – PowBet

    This virtual sports and eSports betting platform has excellent coverage. It doesn’t only cover major league titles like the NBA. It also provides sports betting for smaller promotions and less popular sports. It has live betting options too on top of offering an extensive selection of games.


    • Over 35 sports markets to bet on
    • Asian Handicaps and Player Specials
    • High payouts on basketball matches
    • Multilingual website layout


    • No native mobile apps
    New bookmaker powbet homepage
  4. #4 New NBA Betting Site – Excitewin

    Excitewin is an exciting sports betting and live casino hybrid. The site is available on Android, Windows, and iOS. It accepts cryptocurrency on top of the standard Visa and Mastercard options. You can rest assured that you’ll receive good customer service and support.


    • User-friendly and comprehensive website
    • Accumulator boosts, cashback, and weekly reload bonuses
    • Live streaming for in-play matches
    • Multiple crypto-friendly payment options


    • Rather high betting margins
    New bookmaker excitewin homepage
  5. #5 New NBA Betting Site – CyberBet

    Although it is new, CyberBet already covers a wide array of sports and eSports betting. It provides various slot games for bettors who also enjoy casino games. You can access the CyberBet website from a mobile device or computer. It has an app too if you prefer betting on your phone.


    • Few restricted countries
    • Crypto-friendly payment methods
    • Alternative Handicaps
    • Native Android app


    • No app for iPhone
    New bookmaker cyberbet sports page

Always Check Bookmakers for the Best NBA Odds

You already have a list of the top NBA betting sites. Now, how do you know if you’re making the right bets? If you’re looking for great odds on NBA teams and assurance that they’ll win their matches, then consider checking our ranking for the best NBA odds.

Bookmaker Margin for the Top NBA Leagues

Bookmaker Margin for the Top NBA Leagues
Bookmaker NBA Euroleague Liga ACB BBL WNBA
6.82% 7.22% 7.48% 5.57% 10.23%
5.56% 6.84% 9.34% 6.76% 8.85%
7.27% 5.43% 8.25% 6.44% 9.32%
6.05% 7.14% 7.82% 5.92% 8.73%

Main Pros and Cons if you choose the NBA to make online bets

The NBA is the favorite league of many basketball fans and that is why online nba betting is so popular nowadays. Take a look below to see the main pros and cons of choosing this basketball league to bet.

  • Limitations
  • Low betting options during the pre-season
  • There aren’t many stats available for games.



How to make a deposit for NBA bets?

First you need to register at an online sportsbook NBA. After that, go to the deposit page and choose one of the payment methods, don’t forget to get the welcome promo at this moment. Complete the required information, choose a deposit value and confirm the payment.


Which bookmakers have the best odds for NBA betting?

Most bookies offer interesting odds for the NBA, as they usually keep their margins to a minimum in basketball. Some examples of them are Betvictor, 888Sport and also Bet365.


What is the best NBA bookmaker for live betting?

There are many good NBA bookmakers for live betting, some of the best are Bet365 and Betvictor.


Is online NBA betting legal?

As long as you are betting on a regulated site, yes, it is a legal activity.


Are there any promo for NBA betting online?

Yes, it is possible to find a betting site NBA bonus when going to some of the best bookmakers available. In some, you’ll even find NBA Free Bets.


Who are the most reputable NBA betting sites?

Among the most reputable NBA betting sites on the market are Bet365, William Hill, 20bet, 22bet, 1Xbet, 888Sport, Unibet, Powbet, and others.


Where can I find NBA betting sites?

In this review, you can find a comprehensive roster of the most popular and widely trusted NBA betting sites.


What are the payment methods accepted on NBA betting sites?

Most NBA betting platforms support such deposit and withdrawal methods as bank transfers, debit and credit cards, pre-paid vouchers, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies.


What are the most popular bet types for NBA betting?

The most popular types of bets that you can place on the NBA matches are money line, point spread betting, over/under (totals), and half/quarter betting.


What are the most common bonuses for NBA bettors?

The most common bonuses and promos for NBA bettors are welcome bonuses, sports reload bonuses, free bets, cashback, and VIP loyalty programs.

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