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Horse racing is an extremely popular activity to place a horse racing free bet, so no wonder it is so popular among punters from all over the world, from small to big countries. And today, we are going to find out more about this event, so if you’re looking for the details, you have come to the right place.

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Horse Racing Online Sports Betting – The Ultimate Guide


horse racing betting sites

We are your personal ultimate guide that will help you find out more about horse racing as a sport in general and new horse racing betting sites in particular. We cover different topics at this point - you’ll discover everything you need to know, including some history facts, horse racing rules, the coolest horse racing betting sites UK, the best mobile apps, strategies, tips, and even how to place your first bet.

A brief history of horse racing betting

A brief history of horse racing betting

Horse racing as a sport of running horses at speed has a long history and is considered one of the oldest sports in the world. The first official organized racing took place in North America in 1664 when the British occupation of New Amsterdam (these days: New York City) occurred. As time went by, new horse racing activities began to appear, including placing a horse racing free bet. At first, there were private bets but then pacing wagers were expanded to bookmaking in the 19th century.

Interesting facts:

  1. Horse racing betting first started in Great Britain.
  2. Lots of people know horse racing as “The Sport of Kings”.
  3. Many legal offtrack betting parlors appeared during the late 20th century.
  4. These days, parlors are less prevalent due to online gambling’s popularity.

So, betting on horse racing has become a big business - this is why many governments allowed offtrack betting as it was pretty beneficial to many countries, from Australia and New Zealand to France and the UK. And now, you can easily place your wagers on horse racing events online which is way more convenient!

Table about Horse Racing Betting
🏛️ First Introduced 1651 (officially)
🏢 Overseeing Organisations: Association Of Racing Commissioners International
The American Quarter Horse Association
United States Trotting Association
California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation, Inc.
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
Popular in The United Kingdom, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and France
🌎 World Championship The Grand National
Cheltenham – the Gold Cup
The Champion Hurdle
The Kentucky Derby
🏅 Olympic Discipline Yes (Summer Olympics)

All about horse racing: Main rules explained

Horse racing is a sport where riders race against each other and they do it on horses. Let’s talk more about the game’s rules and other peculiarities.

  1. The main goal is to win the game, and this can be done if a rider crosses the finish line before other competitors do.
  2. Horse racing has no point scoring system as the outcome is defined when someone crosses the finish line first.
  3. If two participants seem to cross the line at the same time, the results depend on a photo finish.
  4. People who ride horses are called jockeys.
  5. The length of the race and track does depend on the venue. If a track is larger, it gives more options for different length races.
  6. The horse is the main hero of the story, and a lot depends on how well-trained it is. Among the most popular breeds for sports, we can point out Arabian Horses, Quarter Horses, and Thoroughbreds.
  7. Disqualification is possible! Throughout a race, it may occur if horses swerve or are ridden to either side to intimidate, interfere with, or impede any other competitor.

How to bet on horse racing betting sites UK online?

Of course, there are different approaches to horse racing betting but we’re going to introduce you to the steps that will help you do everything properly.

  1. Check our bookmaker list

    We offer only regulated and high-quality bookmakers so we can assure you that no matter which one you choose from our list, it’s going to be an awesome betting experience. So, the first thing to do is to check out our list of online betting companies Ireland.

  2. Register to your chosen bookmaker

    Once you make up your mind and select a bookmaker to gamble at, you can move on to the registration part. Fill in the required fields, provide some personal info, and confirm your identity.

  3. Deposit funds

    If you’re a full-fledged bookmaker user now, you can start depositing some of your funds. Later, you can transform these funds into the bets you place on your favorite sports.

  4. Place your bets

    The next step is choosing the event you are interested in, and then you have to select the value of your wager and finally place a bet!

  5. Get your winnings!

    Now, go and get your winnings! Of course, in case you win any as not all bets are 100% successful. You have to build some strategies and guess right to get a prize.

Top 3 mobile apps of horse racing bookmakers

Right now, we want to get to the next part of our review and talk about the biggest and most reliable betting sites for horse racing.

  1. Horse racing Betting app - William Hill

    William Hill is a betting site that’s based in the UK but it also has mobile Android and iOS apps if that’s what you want. This sportsbook has been considered one of the most trusted betting sites in the world - if you like this one, you can register, get your horse racing sign up bonus, and choose an event to bet on.

    Horse racing Betting app - William Hill
  2. Horse racing Betting app - 1xBet

    Another well-known betting app where you can make a horse racing deposit and start placing bets on your favorite events is 1xBet. Luckily, there are 3 mobile apps - you can download them on your iOS, Android, and Windows devices to enjoy a convenient interface and a top-notch betting experience.

    Horse racing Betting app - 1xBet
  3. Horse racing Betting app - 20Bet

    Here comes 20Bet! There are mobile apps for your iOs and Android gadgets to enjoy betting to the fullest and look for a warming horse racing welcome bonus. We must point out that navigation is extremely simple and there will likely be no problems with switching between sections or looking for the needed info.

    Horse racing Betting app - 20Bet

Useful tips and strategies for horse racing betting offers

horse racing betting strategies and tips

We have some useful tricks and tips that you can pay attention to if you want to get better at horse racing betting and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Research Your Horses

    Always research your horses before placing money wagers on them. Take some time and go through some history and archives to find out how a particular horse usually performs - check out the records and the key moments.

  2. Don’t Focus on Your Favorite

    We know you may have your favorites but your preferences should not affect your bets and you cannot be biased at this point because that's your money that's at stake. Think clearly and place bets on those horses that are likely to win the race.

  3. Large Races are More Profitable

    If you want to get a better profit when betting on horse racing events on new horse racing betting sites UK, here’s a little tip that may come in handy. Many bettors go for large races as they often end up being more profitable.

  4. Keep Records

    Even though it may not seem that helpful right now, it may be really great for your future success as a sports bettor if you keep organized records of your sports betting activity, including the track place, the game date, amount of bets, how many bets were lost or successful, how particular participants performed, and even more.

  5. The Dutching System

    The Dutch betting system is a simple strategy for many bettors - you will be able to place different wagers on the same event. It basically means that you can end up winning a single outcome one way or another which reduces the money-losing risk.

  6. Follow Trusted Tipsters

    Trusted tipsters are people who you can pay for providing the possible results of games. If you follow their assumptions, the chances to win increase.

Author Eugene Ravdin Eugene Ravdin

Horse racing is one of the most ancient of all sports. While horses, tracks and riders may have changed their looks, the idea remains exactly the same since Odin the God wagered his head on Sleipnir against Hrungnir's horse Gullfaxi and won. The myth, the legend, the history. Just make sure it's not Zippy Chippy that you're betting on.

Best types of bets to bet on new horse racing betting sites

Of course, there’s a plethora of bet types for horse racing but let’s focus on those that we think are the most popular ones.

Single Betting

We wouldn’t be mistaken if we said that single betting is one of the most popular choices among punters from all over the world. This is a type of betting when you place a wager on a single outcome.

Double Betting

You can place a wager that is made of two outright/single bets. And keep in mind that the odds are combined together into one. So, in order to succeed, both singles have to be successful.

Treble Betting

Basically, it’s the same as double betting but in this case, you will need to come up with three outright/single bets. And you will win your prize if all those three singles were right.

Accumulator Betting

Accumulator bets consist of four selections! Just like with all the previous types of bets, you will win if all four singles were guessed correctly.

New horse racing betting sites UK and live betting

horse racing live betting

There's no doubt that you can easily go and bet on pre-match events and think of what your bet is gonna look like in advance. But a lot of bettors enjoy betting on live horse races instead. And we are going to name a couple of reasons why this happens.

  • It makes you feel like you are an important essential part of the currently-happening game. In this case, it seems more exciting and you feel completely jazzed.
  • It’s possible to hone your analyzing skill this way as you’ll have to be more attentive and focus on the current situation on the track.
  • Live games may be more profitable so this is also a good reason for many punters to go for live events instead of pre-match ones.

Our recommended TOP-5 websites for horse racing betting online

In this section, we are going to talk about the 5 best websites where you can place your horse racing bets and expect the results to come. Plus, when you register and make a horse racing deposit on any of those sites, you will likely receive a great horse racing sign up bonus. But let’s talk about the main characteristics of those bookmaker platforms first.

  1. 1 # Website for horse racing bets - 1xBet

    1xBet is an online bookmaker that is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority - it has been on the gambling market for over 10 years already. Since then, it has been nothing but a cool way to spend your free time, enjoy over 50 different sports, bet on over 50,000 events monthly, and receive fairly attractive odds when it comes to horse races.

    Website for horse racing bets - 1xBet
  2. 2 # Website for horse racing bets - 20Bet

    20Bet is a bookmaker that was founded in 2020 under the Curacao license. Let's point out some distinguishing features of this sportsbook, including a wide variety of horse races, more than 30 other sports, and a bunch of payment methods along with an opportunity to use cryptocurrencies.

    Website for horse racing bets - 20Bet
  3. 3 # Website for horse racing bets - 22Bet

    Here comes another Curacao-licensed betting website called 22Bet! Established in 2017, it began providing a top-notch service to place bets on over 50 different sports and over 50,000 games monthly, including a wide range of horse racing events.

    Website for horse racing bets - 22Bet
  4. 4 # Website for horse racing bets - CyberBet

    CyberBet was established in 2018 and it first came as an eSports betting site. Although in 2019, the sportsbook section was added. The website has a license issued by the Curacao gaming authority and is also considered a member of the Esports Integrity Commission. Here, you will be able to enjoy high odds for horse racing events, switch between 7+ website languages, and make use of an intuitive interface.

    Website for horse racing bets - CyberBet
  5. 5 # Website for horse racing bets - Bet365

    Founded in 1974, Bet365 saw the world as a land-based establishment. And only in 2000, it entered the online gambling world.  With this bookmaker, you’ll be able to make use of such features as high betting limits, fast withdrawals, and an event portfolio of over 45 sports.

    Website for horse racing bets - Bet365

Top 3 best betting sites for horse racing

Right now, we want to move on to the part where we talk about betting sites for horse racing and recommend the most trusted platforms.

  1. #1 Biggest horse racing betting site – William Hill

    William Hill is a betting website that was established in the United Kingdom in 1934. Thus, it's pretty clear to expect that this reliable bookie has a license from the UK Gambling Commission regulating body. Since then, it has been considered one of the best betting sites where you can place bets on a variety of horse race games.

    Biggest horse racing betting site – William Hill
  2. #2 Biggest horse racing betting site – 888Sport

    888Sport is a reputable and experienced sportsbook that was founded in 2008 and received a license issued by the Government of Gibraltar. Get a top-quality gambling experience with many horse racing events, great odds, a live streaming feature, easy navigation, and high-quality customer support service.

    Biggest horse racing betting site – 888Sport
  3. #3 Biggest horse racing betting site – Rabona

    Rabona was established in 2019 under the Curacao license. Both casual and professional punters can place their bets on a variety of over 30 sports, including horse racing. This sportsbook is a part of the 7stars Group and is considered one of the most trusted and biggest betting sites for betting on horse races.

    Biggest horse racing betting site – Rabona

Always check bookmakers for the best horse racing odds

We pointed out how essential it is to go and check the odds on horse racing betting sites so that you could select the one that offers the most beneficial ones. But it’s easier for you to decide if you pay attention to our ranking for the best horse racing odds.

Bookmaker margin for the top horse racing leagues

Bookmaker margin for the top horse racing leagues
Bookmaker The Grand National Cheltenham – the Gold Cup The Champion Hurdle The Kentucky Derby
4.6% 2.6% 8.2% 7.7%
5.5% 2.1% 8.5% 7.8%
5% 2.5% 8.6% 8%
4.8% 3.5% 8% 7.6%



When Was Horse Betting First Introduced Officially?

It happened in 1651.

Can I Bet on Horse Racing Using My Phone?

Yes, absolutely. And there are some cool mobile betting apps such as William Hill, 1xBet, and 20Bet.

What are the best horse racing online betting sites?

The best horse racing bookmakers include 1xBet, 20Bet, 22Bet, Bet365, 888Sport, Cyberbet, and William Hill.

Should I Trust Horse Racing Tipsters?

Tipsters are people who can sell you the possible event’s results but you should only choose those tipsters you personally trust.

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