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If you enjoy MotoGP online betting then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find safe and high-quality online betting sites that host this beautiful motor sport. After all, it’s one of the most-watched racing series in the world, offering close competition, intense side-by-side racing, and pure adrenaline for racing fans.

List of MotoGP Betting Sites

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MotoGP Betting Sites – The Ultimate Guide


MotoGP betting sites

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve compiled all the best MotoGP betting sites. So, if you are looking for reputable sites to start betting on MotoGP, then continue reading. This guide will take you through the history of MotoGP, the best sites, and how to bet on MotoGP online.

If you love MotoGP’s incredible acceleration, then you need to look for a bookmaker with a great selection of bets in this market. Also, we’ve outlined some MotoGP betting tips you should consider as you place your bets.

History of MotoGP betting

History of MotoGP betting

The history of MotoGP starts in 1949 when the first formal championship was held. MotoGP is the fastest and most popular motorcycle racing competition on the planet. Today, MotoGP racing events are held around the world, which greatly enhances the popularity of the sport. Over the last two decades, the sport has reached its peak thanks to incredibly talented racers. As its popularity has increased, it has now become mainstream to bet on MotoGP and more sites are offering enticing MotoGP bets.

Interesting facts:

  1. MotoGP is older than Formula One
  2. MotoGP racing events are held on five different continents
  3. MotoGP bikes can rev up to 16,000 rpm

In this guide, you will find the best online sportsbook that you can use to place bets on MotoGP. In motor racing, MotoGP is equivalent to Formula 1. So, if you are looking for betting action on MotoGP, just check these sites for competitive MotoGP betting odds.

Table about MotoGP betting
🏛️ First introduced 1949
🏢 Overseeing Organizations Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme
📶 Bookmaker Coverage Low
⭐ Popular in Spain, Portugal, USA, UK, Italy, France, Qatar 
🌎 World Championship Yes
🏅 Olympic Discipline

How to bet on MotoGP Online

To be successful in MotoGP betting, you need a strategy. So, if you are keen on placing your bets on MotoGP, then you need to consider some top tips and tactics.

Although these betting tips are intended for MotoGP, you can apply them to almost any other sport. So, before you bet on the upcoming race, consider the MotoGP betting tips below.

  1. Sign Up for an Online Sportsbook

    To start betting, in most cases you have to create an account with a betting site. Click on the sign-up button and enter all the required data. Most of the betting sites will also need you to verify your account. Once that’s done, you can log in, claim the bonuses and start betting!

  2. Choose your Market

    On your dashboard, navigate to the sports then to the motor-sports option in the menu. Once there, you’ll be able to choose the race you want to stake your bet on. Also, you get to choose the betting market you prefer.

  3. Place your Bet and Submit

    After establishing your market and choosing your options, now you need to specify the amount you wish to stake. Consider funding your account if you are short, so just choose the amount you wish to stake then submit your bet slip.

Top Mobile Apps 5 for MotoGP Betting

Thanks to technology, you can now comfortably place your MotoGP bets on your smartphone. Most online bookies provide mobile-friendly platforms to make it easy to place your bets at convenient times. This is a convenient way to place bets, regardless of whether you’re watching the race from your home or conducting MotoGP Silverstone betting from the very stands. This way, you get to keep up with the latest races, MotoGP odds and markets.

  1. #1 MotoGP Betting App – Bwin

    This betting platform will not disappoint MotoGP fans. It will let you have fun throughout the season as it provides MotoGP betting odds all season long. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to place your bets.

    Bwin mobile app
  2. #2 MotoGP Betting App – Betway

    Betway is another quality MotoGP betting site that provides remarkable motor racing markets. Also, you get impressive betting odds if you decide to go for the rider market in MotoGP. What’s more, you get to place your bet on championship markets.

    Betway mobile app
  3. #3 MotoGP Betting App – Bet365

    If you want to bet on sports, then Bet365 is among the best online bookmakers with MotoGP sports betting markets representing one of its key offers. Plus, the app has various convenient features that complement your betting experience.

    Bet365 mobile app
  4. MotoGP Betting App – William Hill

    William Hill has embraced MotoGP betting UK wide. Furthermore, William Hill lets you bet on Moto2 and Moto3. With William Hill, you get access to various MotoGP features, such as live betting, special pricing, competitive odds, and multiple odds.

    William Hill mobile app
  5. #5 MotoGP Betting App – Unibet

    Unibet is a popular bookie with MotoGP punters. If you are a fan of MotoGP, then you will love the fact that Unibet offers different MotoGP races with multiple markets. Also, you get to enjoy some of the best features regardless of whether you’re placing complex or basic bets.

    Unibet mobile app

MotoGP betting strategy and tips

To be successful in MotoGP betting, you need a strategy. So, if you are keen on placing your bets on MotoGP, then you need to consider some top tips and tactics.


Although these betting tips are intended for MotoGP, you can apply them to almost any other sport. So, before you bet on the upcoming race, consider the MotoGP betting tips below.

  1. Take Weather Conditions into Account

    A race can be decided by sheer luck, including weather-related factors. You should always factor in the prevailing weather conditions. Consider how the weather can affect the race. Also, take into account if the situation is going to favour some riders over others.

  2. Rider Form and Past Results

    In MotoGP, establishing the form of a rider, the team and their past results is the bare minimum. You should always establish this before you place your bets. If the form and previous results are not favourable, then you should change your selection accordingly.

  3. Watch for Trends

    Searching for in-form riders and trends will provide you with very valuable information. Indeed, the information will provide an edge as you can use it to come up with a betting strategy. To get this information easily, follow the latest MotoGP news.

  4. Analyse the Odds

    One tip that you should always consider is the ability to analyse the value of a rider. To do this, you can search for the value of each competitor. Doing this will give you more details you can draw upon when uncovering some possibilities.

  5. Analyse Track and Rider Preferences

    In MotoGP, each track or road circuit is different. So, ensure that you evaluate the track as well as player preferences. This way, you may discover riders who are likely to perform better on specific tracks compared to others.

Most Popular Markets for Betting on MotoGP Races

Most people underestimate how complex it can be to take on MotoGP championship betting. Doing so is not just about your strategy or betting tips, it is also about the available markets, which entail more than just supporting someone to win. Here are the popular motorcycle betting markets you’ll find with MotoGP bookies.

MotoGP Live Betting

MotoGP live betting

Most MotoGP punters enjoy live streaming and the excitement that comes with in-play wagers. Since the races are unpredictable, they will influence your chances of winning in MotoGP live betting. As you live stream MotoGP, you can place in-play bets when the value of the race is at its peak.

Our Recommended Top 10 Websites for MotoGP Betting Online

In this section, we have gathered the best sites for MotoGP betting. These sites are impressive for several reasons. First, they offer a safe environment and remarkable sports betting opportunities. Plus, most MotoGP betting sites provide several markets.

  1. Website #1 for MotoGP – 1xBet

    Apart from being an excellent betting site, 1xBet is among the trendiest bookmakers that allow you to bet on MotoGP. This sportsbook provides exciting MotoGP coverage and the ability to use it on smartphones. Surely a contender for the best MotoGP betting site.

    1xbet sports page
  2. Website #2 for MotoGP – Betway

    With Betway, you can even place your bets before the race events start. Its main market is the outright winner. However, you can place Rider vs. Rider wagers and podium-finish wagers. What’s more, you get a mobile app.

    Betway promo page
  3. Website #3 for MotoGP – Bwin

    On Bwin, you get access to various MotoGP betting markets. The website has a classy design and various robust betting features, including live betting. This is an excellent choice for betting on MotoGP races.

    BWIN sports page
  4. Website #4 for MotoGP – Unibet

    Unibet stands out as one of the most reliable sites you can use to bet on MotoGP. Getting access to the MotoGP betting markets is easy on this platform. Also, Unibet lets you bet on several bike races.

    Unibet sports page
  5. Website #5 for MotoGP – 10Bet

    If you like betting on MotoGP events then you should definitely check out 10Bet. This bookie covers a lot of motorcycle racing events. You can even use it to see upcoming and current MotoGP races and their odds.

    10bet sports page
  6. Website #6 for MotoGP – Bet365

    Bet365 is another reputable bookmaker you can use to bet on MotoGP. The platform provides you with all the features you need to make MotoGP betting exciting. For instance, you get a cashout option on MotoGP bets.

    bet365 sports page
  7. Website #7 for MotoGP – 22Bet

    This MotoGP sportsbook makes MotoGP betting feel special. This bookmaker provides you with interesting betting markets. Also, it covers all the Grand Prix events. You can even place live and pre-match bets.

    22bet promo page
  8. Website #8 for MotoGP – Betwinner

    It is fulfilling to bet on MotoGP with Betwinner. This bookie provides you with one of the best MotoGP Championship betting sites. For example, it covers various series of MotoGP.

    Betwinner sports page
  9. Website #9 for MotoGP – William Hill

    With William Hill, you get a bookie that provides you with one of the easiest ways of betting on sports, including MotoGP. It gives you various market options, live results, nice odds, and extensive coverage.

    William Hill sports page
  10. Website #10 for MotoGP – Betsafe

    Betsafe lets you bet on all circuit and road-racing events. The platform offers some of the top odds in MotoGP. Also, you get plenty of options to choose from since it includes every Grand Prix event in various countries.

    Betsafe promo page

Popular MotoGP Tournaments to Bet On

Best MotoGP Betting Sites List

If you’re looking for the best betting site for MotoGP races, here are the top 5 new betting sites.

  1. New MotoGP Betting Site – 22Bet

    This Moto GP bookmaker is one of the leading sports betting platforms today. With this bookmaker, you’ll have the ability to place your bets using your mobile. Also, it supports flexible transactions.

    New 22bet sports page
  2. #2 New MotoGP Betting Site – BetWinner

    BetWinner is among the best bookmakers for Moto GP that provide you with competitive MotoGP odds. The platform supports various currencies, including crypto such as Bitcoin. Although a relatively new platform, it is attracting attention.

    New BetWinner sports page
  3. #3 New MotoGP Betting Site – Betsafe

    With Betsafe, you can bet on all various motorcycle racing events. Plus, you get some of the best odds in MotoGP. Betsafe gives you plenty of options to choose from thanks to its support of various Grand Prix events.

    New Betsafe sports page
  4. #4 New MotoGP Betting Site – William Hill

    William Hill provides you with one of the easiest ways of betting on MotoGP. The platform offers various market options, high odds, and extensive coverage of the various MotoGP racing events.

    New William Hill sports page
  5. #5 New MotoGP Betting Site – 1xBet

    With 1xBet, you get a modern betting site. A trendy bookmaker that allows you to bet on MotoGP events. This sportsbook provides exciting MotoGP coverage and is mobile-friendly, which allows you to bet anytime.

    New 1xbet sports page

Always Check MotoGP Bookmakers for the Best Odds

MotoGP betting is a thrilling way of making profits from your favourite sport. However, your winnings are as good as the odds you get from MotoGP bookmakers. To enjoy high odds on MotoGP online betting, check out our ranking of the best online MotoGP betting sites.

Odds for the winner of the MotoGP World Championship (22.03.2022)

Odds for the winner of the MotoGP World Championship (22.03.2022)
Bookmaker Fabio Quartararo Marc Marquez Francesco Bagnaia Enea Bastianini
3.25 3.75 4.0 9
3.3 3.8 4.1 9.2
3.35 3.75 4.0 9.2
3.25 3.75 4.0 9.2
3.33 3.77 4.04 9.22



Is MotoGP betting legal?

There’s no law stopping you from MotoGP betting in the UK. Like all sports betting it’s legal.

Where can I bet on MotoGP?

Consider the betting sites recommended on this page since they are safe and provide great markets.

Which is the best bookmaker for betting on MotoGP?

There is no one best bookmaker for Moto GP betting, as each of these sites offers something unique for your preferences.

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