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It’s not hard to find a gambler who likes to bet on cycling competitions in 2023. There are so many options, after all. You can bet on the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Vuelta a Espana, and many others.

What is essential, in the end, is your passion for this sport. However, it helps a lot to find the best Australian sports betting sites for cycling, too. A bad bookie is untrustworthy and won’t be a good fit. So, you need to find one that offers the best promotions, several payment methods and works well.

List of Cycling Bookmakers

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Cycling betting sites - the ultimate guide


Best Cycling Betting Sites

If you love cycling and have even a passing interest in placing bets on the top races, competitions and racers, you’ll find this article to be a worthwhile read. Our team of sports betting writers have researched the industry in great detail and return with our views.

How do you ensure you are getting the best odds, most in-depth coverage of your chosen sport and the welcome promotion free bet you deserve as a new customer? The answer to that is easy, follow our instructions. We pick the top five cycling betting sites.

History of Cycling Sports Betting

history of betting on cycling

The history of cycling sports betting is entangled with the general history of sports betting. In fact, you could say that betting is as old as society itself. The most ancient records of people gambling and betting date back to the Greeks over 2,000 years ago.

In Rome, sports betting was legal even in ancient times. In the years afterwards, it became illegal and back to legal several times.

The beginning of sports betting as we know it started in England in the 19th century. At the time, horse race betting became very popular there, and soon afterwards in the United States.

  1. Betting was legal in ancient Rome
  2. Other sports were more popular at first
  3. Cycling had a loyal, but small bettor pool
  4. The mighty internet started an online cycling betting revolution

In most US states, however, most bookies were local and illegal.

It was hard to operate in these conditions, which lasted in the country during most of the latest century. States such as Nevada had fewer restrictions, though, which helped the industry to grow.

After some time, it became common to bet in several sports, especially in the US. People started to gamble on who would win the latest football, basketball, or baseball match. A small but vocal community began to wager on cycling, too.

While not as popular as major televised sports, cycling sports betting became a profitable niche. Competitions such as the Tour de France have existed since 1903. So, it was not hard to find major cycling events that attracted people. In Europe, the trend was even sharper.

The next alteration in the way that the Cycling sportsbook world worked happened early in the 2000s with the internet.

The rise of online sportsbooks and gambling sites helped the traditional industry to turn into the online sports betting we know today.

Now, it’s possible to bet from the comfort of your home.

History of Cycling Sports Betting
🏛️ First introduced 1868
🏢 Overseeing Organizations Union Cycliste Internationale 
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
⭐ Popular in Worldwide
🌎 World Championship Tour de France
🏅 Olympic Discipline Yes



How to find the best cycling betting odds?

Sports fans are always looking for the best odds. To find them, you should compare different sites. Odds change all the time. So, comparing our top cycling betting companies would be an excellent way to start.


Can I bet in a cycling race while it’s happening?

Yes. Several operators offer in-game betting, also known as live betting. In this case, you can switch your bets while the race is going on, which gives you a higher chance to predict the result.


What are the most common bets in cycling sports betting?

Most people bet on three variables in a race. The most obvious one is “to win the stage,” which means winning the race—no explanations needed here. By betting on the “king of the mountains,” you will predict who gets more points in the competition consistently, not necessarily the winner.

By betting in who will win the “yellow jersey” means that you are trying to predict who will get the cumulative shortest time in a race.


How can I get a welcome bonus for cycling sports betting?

Most bookies offer welcome bonuses for new clients. Most of the time, these bonuses are offered as a matching bonus on your deposit. By comparing different websites using this page, you can find the best offers.


What are the main cycling competitions?

The most famous grand tours include the classic Tour de France, the fabulous Giro d’Italia, and the famous Vuelta a Espana. Tour Down Under, which is not as classic as the ones mentioned, is also pretty popular these days. You can bet on these races in any site for betting on cycling in 2021.

How to study the form

Cycling betting is no different to gambling on any other sport; you must research your bets and study the form. Here’s how.

  1. Check recent results of races over a similar distance

    Are there any trends or clues to follow?
    study the participants
  2. Check the weather predictions for the race

    Look for riders who boast success in those conditions!
    check the conditions
  3. Look for the best odds and promotions on your selections

    You want to bet with the bookie offering top odds.
    get the best odds

Best Betting Sites for Cycling on Mobile Betting

Today, gamblers want to access the top cycling betting sites in the most comfortable way. It is why the user experience and design of each site are so relevant. Websites that value their clients offer an incredible mobile experience.

A good bookie that wants to offer a mobile experience either needs to be fully optimized for mobile browser access or to provide an app.

In both cases, it’s crucial to find a site that does not look weird with counter-intuitive when using its mobile version. Unfortunately, many sites have an excellent design for desktop browsers, but their apps do not look so good.

Another aspect that you should watch out is to give preference to online sportsbooks with pages that load quickly. Online connection speed on mobile may not be so stable all the time. So, it’s good to use betting companies that offer efficient services.

Besides all of these characteristics, it’s important to find trustworthy betting companies‌ that will offer great odds for cycling competitions, maybe even some excellent bonuses for new players.

Check our list of the best mobile bookmakers for Cycling betting:

  1. 1

    Welcome Bonus up to 1,200 HKD

  2. 2

    Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100

  3. 3

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to 1,000 HKD

  4. 4

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to $150

  5. 5

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to 769 HKD

Top 5 Cycling Bookies With Fastest Payouts

When you are looking for the best Cycling bookmakers, quick payouts are a relevant topic. Some companies seem to take ages to complete transactions. So, they may not be suitable for all players.

In this top 5 list, you will find 5 of the best-rated cycling bookies that offer quick withdrawals and will make your life easier while gambling:

  • Bet365
  • William Hill
  • Betsafe
  • Betway
  • Unibet

Bet365 is a great choice for cycling betting

Bet365 is one of the best international cycling betting websites with the highest rating. Not only it has ast payout and several payment options such as credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. There are no fees for deposits and withdrawals. If you are into big bonuses, you can even score a welcome bonus on your first deposit on Bet365. You can get up to $100 if you make a qualifying deposit of at least $5 after you open an account there. The range of bets that you can make is also pretty good, and the odds are fair. So, Bet365 stands out as one of the most solid cycling betting companies that you can find online.

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Sports Betting on Cycling: Tips & Strategies

Do you love the idea of betting on Cycling betting websites? Using a strategy can be the difference between winning and losing a bet.

Research the Field

The first tip is always to research the competitors. If you know who they are, you can determine who is the most likely to win. Analyzing a track record is an important activity here.

Know the Location

Another good idea is to know the location. What kind of terrain do they have? Some players will be better in some types of race than the others. If you want, you can also compare odds to see who the cycling betting companies believe that will win. Betting on someone with lower odds can lead to a higher payout in the end.

Set Up a Strategy for Cycling Live Betting

Try to understand how live betting works before you engage with it. Some companies, for example, let you withdraw your bets while others do not.

Checking the rules will help you understand what is possible or not in the context of that particular site.

Understand the Momentum Swings

Another hint is to understand momentum swings. They are a key factor to live betting. If someone is having a good moment in a particular race, it might be the time to give that cyclist a chance.

Understanding this is also vital because you will not withdraw your bet on a favourite if you think that they stood a chance.

Check out the Weather

You cannot imagine how much weather can change in a race. The wind, the rain and other factors come into play. So, check the weather before setting your bets.

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