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When you want to enjoy the benefits of betting websites in Zambia, it’s easy to start with the fun you’re after. This is what startup bonuses are for. Despite the benefits which come with a wide array of choices, it can be pretty confusing if you’re a rookie bettor.

But how do you make sure you keep enjoying sports betting or other betting Zambia offers over the long term Educate yourself with our handy guide and list of betting companies in Zambia. 

List of Online Bookmakers in Zambia

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Zambia Sports Betting ‒ The Ultimate Guide


Navigate to the topic you want to learn about and become a pro when you bet in Zambia. 

We offer all need-to-know topics related to Zambian betting sites. In this guide:

Best Betting Sites in Zambia

In Zambia, the betting environment is swiftly changing. You need to keep on top of regulations to take advantage of any opportunity or rule adjustment that works in players’ favour. In addition, you need to use quality bet companies in Zambia that create fun but safe betting environments. We tell you about the top betting sites in Zambia, so you can enjoy low risk while maximising your outcomes. 

What you need to know about betting in Zambia

What you need to know about betting in Zambia

Betting is a popular activity in Zambia but the gambling industry is relatively new and currently evolving. Because the existing laws don’t cover all relevant topics yet, changes are necessary. Also, the country wishes to have one regulator and make the Zambian betting and gambling industry less fragmented. 

To protect the interests of players, the country has three main pieces of legislation in place. There’s the State Lotteries Act, the Casino Act and the Betting Act, which focuses on betting operations.

  1. Betting laws currently don’t address online gambling
  2. Three legal gambling options in Zambia are: lottery games, sport betting and casino gambling
  3. Football is the most popular sport to bet on in Zambia but betting on cricket is also common
  4. Zambia belongs to GRAF (Gambling Regulators of Africa Forum), which assists with gaming regulatory laws and also for betting sites in many African countries

The Lotteries Act and Betting Act were both created in the 1950s.

However, none of these laws address the online betting that Zambian locals can partake in. This means that betting is technically allowed and operators can function without an official Zambian license. 

Table about betting in Zambia
🌍 Country Zambia
👌 Language English
💲 Currency Zambian Kwacha (ZMW/K)
⚽ Popular sports Football, boxing, tennis, cricket
⚖️ Is Betting Legal Yes
🏢 Regulator Government of Zambia
🧾 Gambling taxes 10% of gross stakes on betting
💳 Most popular payment methods Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, VISA, Mastercard

Technological advances in the country have also impacted Zambian betting. With the internet giving more Zambian locals access to online resources, offshore bookmakers also engage with Zambian players. So, many new betting sites in Zambia have become operational over the past few years, with locals enjoying football betting sites the most.

The betting sites in other countries:



What are Zambia’s best betting sites?

Betway wins thanks to bonuses and customer service.

What makes betting websites secure?

Top betting sites need excellent SSL encryption.

Are deposits instant?

With most payment methods money is instantly available for bets.

Are online betting sites in Zambia legal?

Currently, laws don’t prevent online betting.

How old must you be to bet online?

The legal age for gambling is 18.

How to make the most of sports betting in Zambia

Sports betting is not just about luck, so doing some planning can help you reap more rewards than you expect. To do that effectively, you do need to be smart about your game plans. Also, with some guidelines in place, you’ll guarantee yourself more fun and positive results. So, keep these tips in mind for your own benefit.

  1. Never be biased

    With sports betting Zambia players shouldn’t only bet on their favourite teams. You’ll lose a lot of money if sentiment prompts your betting decisions. Also don’t ignore the teams that you don’t like. They could be key to bigger wins if they’re the strongest team that season. Rather let statistics lead you than personal preference and the loyalty to your team.
    Never be biased
  2. Learn your basics and do your research

    It’s worth putting in some research and learning the basics of the type of bets in Zambia. You need to understand odds, wagers and other terms. Also, researching sports and teams will help you to make more informed decisions, more likely to result in winning a bet.
    Learn your basics and do your research
  3. Decide on a budget

    You want to enjoy sports betting over the long term, without it affecting your personal budget. So, create a budget of how much you can bet each day, week and month. Stick to it so you can place bets in Zambia throughout the month whenever you discover a great betting opportunity.
    Decide on a budget
  4. Be strategic

    Don’t bet at random. Work with a plan, so each bet carries as much opportunity of winning as possible. You can use strategies such as backing the favourite or looking at winning streaks of some teams. Having a few strategic bets is more valuable than having many that never win you any money.
    Be strategic

Mobile betting in Zambia

Since Zambia’s betting and gambling guidelines don’t cover mobile betting, it allows much freedom for modern bookmakers and sports betting companies in Zambia to provide opportunities for players. The relaxed laws also make it easy for both onshore and offshore betting companies to create platforms that locals in Zambia bet on. 

Thanks to these conditions, international and Zambian betting companies take advantage of the situation. Therefore, you’ll find that betting companies such as 22Bet and MELbet have mobile applications their members can use. Similar options are available from 1xBet, Betway and Premier Bet. With over 60% of the Zambian population now using mobile phones, this is a popular method of placing bets. 

Not all betting sites in Zambia cater to all devices. Most have Android apps, but bookmakers like Premier Bet don’t have an iPhone app.

Mobile betting in Zambia
💯 Available betting features Accumulator, Bet builder, Live stream, cashout 
🏇 Popular gambling activities Casino, sports betting, horse betting, lottery
🗝️ Keep in mind The current betting laws do not expand on all areas of betting in Zambia.
🔣 Popular types of odds Fractional odds
📈 Advantages There are no precise laws on online gambling here, meaning that it is a free rule area for now.
📉 Disadvantages The high 20% - 35% betting tax
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