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In this article, we’ll be walking you through some of the most important things you’ll need to know before delving into the world of betting in Qatar. The regulations and rules are what you’ll need to familiarise yourself with at first before going onto payment methods, bonuses and your choices of bookmakers.

List of Bookmakers in Qatar

Found: 24 Bookmakers

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim


100% Welcome bonus up to €150


100% Welcome bonus up to €150



First deposit bonus up to €122



100% welcome bonus up to 100€



Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100



100% welcome bonus up to €100



100% up to $100 welcome bonus



Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100






100% welcome bonus up to 100€



100% bonus on the first deposit up to 450 QAR



100% up to $200 bonus



10% Cashback on all deposits up to €1,000



Freebet Bonus up to $30



100% bonus on the first deposit up to 474 QAR



Welcome Bonus 100% up to €50


William Hill

Freebet bonus up to $20



100% deposit bonus up to €50



Welcome Bonus up to $30



100% bonus on the first deposit up to €100



100% Welcome Bonus up to €500



100% bonus on the first deposit up to $500



100% bonus on the first deposit up to €150



Welcome Bonus up to €500

Qatar sports betting - the ultimate guide


Best betting sites in Qatar

There are extreme regulations placed down in Qatar as gambling there is strictly illegal - but that does not mean the sports betting industry there is not prevalent. Here we cover everything you need to know to stick by the rules, and the best betting sites in Qatar.

What you need to know about betting in Qatar

what you need to know about Qatar betting

As it stands, Qatar is an islamic country and forbids any sort of gambling to its citizens - but offshore bookmakers are more than likely to be offering their services to punters in Qatar. The country’s attempts to block off these offshore bookies doesn’t do much, and as a result, betting seems to be prevalent within the country.

As the 2022 world cup is set to be hosted with Qatar, their residents have increasingly grown more fond of football and have begun to try their hand at betting on the sport with offshore bookmakers.

  1. The 2022 football world cup is set to be hosted in Qatar
  2. Qatar is the second flattest country in the world
  3. Qatar are beach and indoor handball champions
  4. Qatar is a World Bank high-income economy.

Basketball is another pinnacle of sports betting within the country - the residents tend to enjoy some of the most popular competitions around the globe, which surely includes the heights of the English Premier League and NBA.

There is no shortage of illegal gambling within Qatar too, in different formats. Not only is there betting sites in Qatar but people come together to hold illegal poker competitions, alongside camel racing and much more throughout. So sports betting in Qatar still is very much rampant.

Table about betting in Qatar
🌍 Country Qatar
👌 Language Arabic
💲 Currency Qatari riyal (QAR)
⚽ Popular sports Football, basketball
⚖️ Is Betting Legal No
🏢 Regulator No
🧾 Gambling taxes No
💳 Most popular payment methods MasterCard, VISA, Bank Transfer, PayPal



Is MasterCard available to use everywhere?

Not everywhere - but it is a very popular payment method amongst bookmakers.

How many times can I register with a bookmaker?

Legally, only once. This is to prevent using bonuses and offers more than once.

Are there football livestreams on bookmakers?

Not always, but the biggest bookmakers offer match livestreams sometimes.

How can I get support with my bookie?

There are pages on the bookmaker dedicated to support - go check them out.

Do bonuses expire?

Some do and some don’t, you can check on the respective offer’s terms and conditions.

How to deposit funds

Being able to top-up your betting account is one of the key ways to get more money and funds to make betting possible. Here we will show you exactly how the default process of depositing some money to your account works - universally with most bookmakers.

  1. Registering an account with a bookmaker

    Picking a bookmaker and registering an account with a bookmaker is key step number one if you have not done so already, this is easy as all you need to do is find the join now button.
    create an account
  2. Verifying your account

    Most bookmakers will not let you deposit or withdraw funds without verifying your account - so step two is to make sure you are verified with the right documents or email confirmation, which will be made clear to you after registration.
    validate your account
  3. Picking your payment method

    Payment methods are key, and will help you deposit. Now every bookie has a different list of available methods, so we recommend you check out each bookmaker’s page to see what ones are available.
    examine payment methods
  4. Depositing

    To deposit your funds, you’ll need to go to the relevant page and select deposit money. It will then give you a choice between how much you’d like to invest, and you go from there.
    make a deposit

How to pick the best Qatar betting site

As seen before, to find a good bookmaker in Qatar, you have to look for foreign sites. Here are some tips for those who want to find a good bookie for sports betting.

  1. Make your research

    You need to know a little about bookmakers before finding out what are the best options available. You can read our reviews to find out more about each bookie that catches your eye.
    do your research
  2. Separate your favourites

    You can separate some options of bookmakers you liked the most and compare them. Which one offers the best bonuses? Which one has higher odds? Assess these factors to find out which is the best option.
    explore your options
  3. Check out the sports available

    It is important to know if the chosen bookmaker offers your favourite sport. If you like eSports, for example, you will need to find a bookie that offers not only matches but also good odds in this sport.
    look for betting lines
  4. Register for free

    The last tip is for you to register with one or two chosen bookmakers and try it out, to find out which one you like best and which suits you best. This is because the best way to select the best option is by using the website.
    create an account

Mobile betting

One of the most modernized areas of betting nowadays is on mobile. This allows you to be able to bet on the go, and even from the comfort of your couch without having to use your desktop sites constantly. 

Betting opportunities are a precious commodity for big time punters, and mobile apps/sites allow them to be able to grasp these opportunities on the go quickly, wherever they are. Most of those applications are optimized for better speed and a similar layout to the desktop sites, to be able to link them together easily. These applications are usually developed for iOs and Apple phones to fit the two mobile giants nowadays.

If you would like to find out more about each application with every respective bookmaker, you’ll be able to find the information on the separate bookmaker pages where we review some of the best apps there is, for betting.

Mobile betting in Qatar
💯 Available betting features Live betting, Live streaming, Cashout, Accumulator, Bet builder
🏇 Popular gambling activities Sports Betting, Camel Racing, Raffles
🗝️ Key information All forms of gambling are illegal in Qatar.
🔣 Most popular types of odds Decimal
📈 Advantages of Qatar No strict measures apply to online gambling.
📉 Disadvantages of Qatar There are no licensed bookmakers in the country.
  1. 1

    100% Welcome bonus up to €150

  2. 2

    100% Welcome bonus up to €150

  3. 3

    First deposit bonus up to €122

  4. 4

    100% welcome bonus up to 100€

  5. 5

    Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100

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