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The Republic of Tunisia is an African country in the North that shares a border with Libya and Algeria, and like many other Muslim countries, online Tunisia betting sites are illegal in the country. Although gambling is still illegal in the country, it has a different stance when it comes to sports betting. There isn’t one general best betting site Tunisia has to offer. There are a few high quality sites which are easily accessible. 

List of bookmakers in Tunisia

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Tunisia betting sites – the ultimate guide


Best betting sites in Tunisia

Sports betting is huge in Tunisia as a new generation of football lovers and sports followers seek to profit from their favourite teams and players.

Most bets are placed through an overseas betting site using their mobile app or website and you can add funds with a secure payment option in seconds.

When betting on sport you want to ensure you are getting the best service, including the standout welcome bonus and most generous odds. Choose the bookie that appeals to you and click the link.

History of sports betting in Tunisia

History of sports betting in Tunisia

A moderate Islamic government was formed in Tunisia after the 2011 revolution. For this reason, almost all types of gambling are banned in Tunisia. Betting sites in Tunisia are hard to find. The Tunisian government doesn't issue any licence for online gambling as it is illegal in Tunisia because of its Islamic ideas; however, the foreign players do not get arrested by the authorities. 

As other forms of gambling are illegal in this country, sports gambling is also prohibited. However, a gambling game that is organized by a public enterprise Promosport can be played legally. This is legal because it is played under the Ministry of youth, sports, and physical education.

Four interesting betting facts in Tunisia:

  1. Legally, it is only permitted for tourists to watch the races.
  2. Many international sportsbooks take bets from Tunisia, although it is essentially illegal, and the authorities do not appear to prosecute players.
  3. The Tunisian law permits the local bettors in Tunisia to place their bets with other bookmakers online. When it comes to online betting, Tunisia is filled with international bookmakers.
  4. The country has tracks for horse racing, but fans are not permitted to put bets on them.

An Austrian country and Promosport was signed in 2016 to devise a new system of managing sports gambling to handle Tunisia sport betting. However, it was decided that 10% of the profit would be given to Promosport to cover their operational cost, 40% would go to winners, 50% to the National Fund for the promotion of sports and youth.  

The country permits legal gambling; however, it is exclusively confined to one of its casinos. Unlike most countries worldwide, the Tunisian government allows its people to gamble along with the international better to gamble in their casinos Instead of restricting them. The reason behind permitting people to gamble in casinos is to promote and benefit their casino industry. As compared to the other Islamic governments, the Tunisian government is much more secular. 

History of sports betting in Tunisia
🌍 Country Tunisia
👌 Language Arabic
💲 Currency Tunisian dinar (TND)
⚽ Popular sports Horse racing
⚖️ Is Betting Legal No
🏢 Regulator Ministry of youth, sports, and physical education
🧾 Gambling taxes 10%
💳 Most popular payment methods eWallet



Is online gambling legal in Tunisia?

No, online gambling is not legal in Tunisia. However, many people do bet through a variety of online betting sites.

Which is the most-trusted method for online payment?

There is a list of payment methods that can be used for gambling on the internet. However, it is better to choose the payment method that suits you best.

Can I use Tunisian Dinar for online payment?

It is sporadic that TND would be accepted. However, if you pay in TND, it would be converted into another currency: USD and Euro.

Is bitcoin gambling legal in Tunisia?

Bitcoin is legal in the country, but online gambling and bitcoin gambling are not. If anyone is caught, they would be persecuted by the government.

Are there any online gambling sites accepting players from Tunisia?

Many of the top online betting sites have claimed to have accepted players from this country, although online betting is illegal here.

How to bet in-play on football

The best sports betting sites offer customers odds on the top football competitions and matches from around the world. You can bet pre-match or after the game has started with in-play betting.

Below you’ll find advice on how to best bet on football in-play.

  1. Know when to quit

    If you have backed a winner in a match it’s important not to get carried away. Know when you are ahead and quit at the right time to avoid losing your winnings.
    develope strategies
  2. Watch the match

    When betting in-play it’s crucial you have access to live coverage on TV or a reliable live stream. Follow the play closely and lookout for clues such as a player likely to score or a card-happy referee.
    Look for live betting
  3. Bet quickly

    When you have decided on the bet you want to place it’s important to gamble at the right time. A good in-play bet is done just before the traders change the odds.
    adjust your stake

Mobile betting in Tunisia

Over the last few decades, the online betting industry has come a very long way. In general, online gambling and betting have taken the world by storm. Previously, wagering was only restricted to stadiums or casinos; however, with mobile technology improvement, anyone with a smartphone can gamble on a Tunisian betting site.

Convenience is one of the biggest reasons for the rising popularity of mobile betting—the comfort to place a bet wherever you want, whenever and at any time you wish to is unbeatable. Having an easily accessible sportsbook in your pocket gives you an advantage. 

Whether you are at your home or the office or meeting a friend, you are just one click away from making your wager on Tunisian betting sites. 

After the 2011 Arab spring, the number of websites blocked by local internet service providers has changed considerably in betting Tunisia. The previously blocked sites were unblocked, which allowed many sports betting sites available in Tunisia to have free access without using any virtual private network (VPN). 

The betting sites Tunisia has to offer have invested in developing intuitive and fast mobile betting sites that the user can easily access through their mobile web browser. However, the user still has to show discretion while accessing these sites.

Below are some of the betting sites that you can access:

  • Shangri La Live
  • 1xbet
  • Vbet
  • Winabet365
  • Megapari
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