Best Betting Sites in Croatia


Gambling in Croatia is a significant part of the country’s identity. The country gained its independence in 1991, so the laws surrounding the activity are still new. Betting is now considered a favorite pastime for both locals and tourists.

List of Best Croatian Betting Sites

Found: 17 Bookmakers

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Croatian betting sites - the Ultimate Guide


Best Betting Sites in Croatia

Croatia’s betting front has been legal since the year 2014, as the country’s lottery formerly held a monopoly on the industry. This is not the case anymore, as it is now heavily regulated and covered.

In this article, you will not only learn about available bookmakers within the country, but you will also see some of the available payment methods, and even how to decide upon the best bookmaker for yourself.

History of Croatian Bookmakers

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The history of sports betting in Croatia isn’t a very lengthy one. It goes back to 1964 when Croatia was still a part of the communist state of Yugoslavia.
The government heavily restricted gambling and all forms of betting back then. Members of the public needed a specific government-issued license to play.

There were also restrictions placed on betting sites, where only state-governed locations and kiosks were allowed to carry out bets. Any outlets caught carrying out illegal betting were either heavily fined or immediately closed.

However, Gambling in the country is now flourishing, with many casinos and online gambling sites attracting both loyal locals and eager tourists. In 2003, Croatia introduced a law which successfully relaxed restrictions on all forms of betting.

The new law attracted several companies from countries like England and Germany to settle there and pursue higher earnings.

In 2009, they issued a 20% VAT tax on physical gambling sites’ earnings, which made smaller businesses suffer.

Overall, online gambling sites get more traffic because of the following restrictions placed on casinos and the laws that govern them.

  1. The public’s earnings from international gambling sites are 100% tax-free
  2. The legal age to gamble is 18, unlike other countries where it’s 21
  3. Croatia is one of the first Eastern European countries to legalize gambling
  4. “Tourist Gambling” is a big thing, and many casinos are associated with hotels in coastal areas.

2014 introduced new gambling laws. They emphasize the legality of betting in the country and encourage placing bets at specific betting companies in Croatia, licensed and governed by the state.

History of Croatian Bookmakers
🌍 Country  Croatia
👌 Language  Croatian
💲 Currency  Croatian Kuna
Popular sports Football, tennis
⚖️ Is betting legal Yes
🏢 Regulator  Ministry of Finance
🧾 Gambling taxes 15%
💳 Most popular payment methods Neteller, Sofort, Giropay, Skrill



Can Croatian gamblers only use the websites mentioned above?

You can bet in Croatia using all gambling apps and websites. Foreign apps are blacklisted but not blocked.


Is it difficult to gamble online in Croatia?

All things considered, it’s straightforward. All you have to do is pick a good website and a suitable payment method.


Why should I choose online gambling instead of land-based?

There are simply more options, opportunities, and offers available for online bettors.


Is it illegal to gamble in Croatia?

No. It’s legal to gamble online, and casinos are very popular with locals and tourists. Restrictions are present, but it’s still 100% legal.


Are Croatians punished when they gamble on foreign websites?

No. The websites are entirely legal to use and are enjoyed by many.

How to pick the best Croatia betting site

When you’re looking for the best bookmaker, there are a few things you must keep in mind. In this article, we will also cover how you can begin to find your best bookmaker, so stick with us and have a look around.

  1. Read up on bookmakers

    On our website, you’ll find some great reviews on each bookmaker, allowing you to see their gimmicks, advantages and disadvantages. This will allow you to compile a list of suitors for yourself that you can compare later.
    Man reading reviews
  2. Give chosen bookies test runs

    Test runs are vital as you will get experience you otherwise would not from reading, with the usability and overall feel of the website coming into play.
    Mobile registration
  3. Compare the candidates

    You can then compare all of the bookmakers left on your list, helping you to cut down on your options. You can eliminate the ones that are not up to standard with the rest.
    Man looking through magnifier
  4. Final decision

    The final decision is what matters most, as you will finally pick your bookmaker, or two. You don’t have to limit yourself to only one sportsbook, as there can be varying benefits coming from each side.
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Mobile Online Betting in Croatia

Due to continuing restrictions on physical casinos, online betting in Croatia has been witnessing a great boom in the last five years. The Ministry of Finance governs online booking. It allows four Croatian betting sites to pay a monthly 5% tax and operate legally.

A law passed in 2010 made all forms of online gambling legal. It has helped the gambling scene evolve and cement its place in the form of mobile betting.

Most gambling apps are optimized for mobile and tablets and are easy-to-use while on-the-go.

Mobile Online Betting in Croatia
💯 Available betting features Accumulator, Bet builder, Live stream, Cashout 
🏇 Popular gambling activities Casino, sports betting, horse betting, lottery
🗝️ Keep in mind Gambling is strictly regulated within Croatia, as the lottery once owned the whole industry as part of a monopoly.
🔣 Popular types of odds Fractional odds
📈 Advantages Some bookmakers such as Bet365 are available, meaning livestreams can be used to watch matches whilst betting
📉 Disadvantages The tight regulations plus the taxes imposed on gambling.

Applications are available for download on both iOS and Android devices, but their respective websites can function without having to do so. The websites are relatively fast-loading and contain simple layouts, suitable for anyone looking for a quick, no-hassle playing session.

Many of the best online sites, eager to attract customers from Croatia, offer promotions and bonuses which make a significant difference in a Croatian’s gambling experience. Popular sites like Bet365 regularly provide attractive and competitive promotions for players to benefit from.

Other sites, like BetFair, provide room for even more growth within the gambling community. Players can participate in online tournaments and even live-streaming events.

International bookies are not blocked in Croatia (you can check the Irish sports betting market, for example). Online bookmakers in Croatia have to compete against international sites that face no restrictions in the country.

  1. 1

    Welcome bonus up to 150€

  2. 2

    100% Welcome bonus up to €150

  3. 3

    100% Welcome bonus up to €150

  4. 4

    Welcome bonus up to 1000 HRK

  5. 5

    Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100

Top 3 Croatia Betting apps

In addition to sites that offer a good mobile version for their users, there are also those that offer the possibility to download an app to use all its functions even more easily.

An app saves time, as you will not need to open your browser. In addition, apps usually load faster than mobile versions of websites, making your bet on live events a few seconds faster, which can make all the difference.

One of the main betting apps available for Croatian bettors is certainly that of Bet365. It is possible to follow live streaming of matches from the most different sports, bet on a wide variety of sports and still have access to all the functions of the bookie.

The best betting application within Croatia surely brings quality to the table, so the list below will definitely be of interest. Alongside their desktop apps, you will want to know details about each one, so here we compile the top three:

Bet365 betting app

  • One of the most trusted bookies
  • Offers live streams
  • A wide variety of markets
  • Good payment options
Bet now Read review

18+ T&C apply,

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22bet betting app

  • Good for eSports
  • Broadcasts every single month
  • Football jackpot
  • Wide betting market
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Top 5 Betting Companies in Croatia with Great Bonuses

Betting apps in Croatia are a great way to introduce players to the international gambling scene.
Despite its smaller population, the ready availability of international sites is cited as one of the main reasons Croatians are sitting 72nd in the world in money spent on gambling.

Many bookmakers attempt to penetrate the Croatian market by providing special offers and unique rewards, pitting them all against one another. Because of the bonuses these websites offer, a competition now brews between international and Croatian bookmakers.

The most popular bonuses often include free bets and a money-back guarantee. International sites are also one step ahead in cross-platform usability. Almost all foreign apps available for Croatians are optimized for mobile and tablet. However, you’ll find the typical website design caters to desktop.

Such an important element in a user-friendly experience can be what separates a loyal customer from a convinced one.

You may find the best betting site in Croatia with impressive bonuses in our list below:

  • 22bet
  • Bet365
  • 1bet
  • Goalbet
  • Librabet

22bet is very accessible to Croatian bettors

Founded in 2017, 22Bet proves to be one of the safest environments for gamblers online. The website boasts 51 languages, which makes it an attractive center for the international gambling scene. Its successful live-streaming platform and mobile usability guarantee universal accessibility, allowing everyone to benefit from its high odds and bonuses.

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Top Betting Companies in Croatia – Legal

Despite the popularity of foreign gambling sites, many Croatians continue to use state-supervised bookmakers by choice. Legal Betting websites in Croatia include SuperSport and Germania Sport.

Since the sites are regulated and supervised by the Ministry of Finance, all the rules and restrictions are efficiently maintained. The legal supervision gambling sites are under suggests very little wiggle-room for foul play and harmful practices. Gamblers can set their bets with ensured safety in mind.

Croatian betting companies often engage in online tournaments and competitions which can generate much attention and excitement within the gambling community. Besides cash prizes, awards range from elaborate gifts to brand new vehicles.

The efforts placed by sites like SuperSport and Germania Sport have done well in increasing the attention to betting in Croatia. The limited freedom legal restrictions have placed on online betting sites has allowed for a monopoly to develop in Croatia, resulting in only four legal bookmakers operating within the country.

Below is a list of the best two gambling sites in Croatia:

  • 20bet
  • 22bet

20bet is a most Promising New Bookie for Croatia

20bet is gaining popularity among Croatian bettors. The animations and graphics used are clear and pleasantly executed, adding a sense of modernity and professionalism. The user interface is excellent for first-time users looking for something comprehensive and fun.

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Sports betting in Croatia

Sports betting in Croatia is an activity fully regulated by the government. Local bettors can place their wagers both at betting shops and also on betting sites.

Despite this, there are not many Croatia betting sites. Either way, there are a great number of foreign websites that offer services to local gamblers.

In addition to being able to be used at no additional cost, these foreign bookmakers usually offer more line options for betting on football and other traditional sports than local sites.

Because of this, many Croatian gamblers prefer to use these sites - such as Bet365 and William Hill - to have access to several championships around the world, in addition to a range of markets to place their wagers and very attractive odds.

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