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If you are alien to the concept of a bet calculator, then this article might come in very handy.

Although it’s unlike you’ll be using a betting odds calculator on a daily basis, they can be somewhat convenient when you eventually end up coming across an odd format you’re not quite familiar with, for example.

Besides providing you with the actual free bet calculator for you to properly work out your possible bet returns, we'll also cover a few important points such as the most useful scenarios where you'll likely need it and also a few basics of single bets per se. Without further ado, let’s get things going!


Your stake:


Odds types:


Stake options:

Total stake


Your odds:

  • #



  • 1



Total stake



Bet Breakdown:

Bet type Bet total Bets won Bets placed Bets lost
Single 1 1 0 0
Total 1 1 0 0

What does single Single bet mean? Main information explained

First and foremost, we should bear in mind that you may come across a few different betting types, so that's the main reason why it's important to realistically clarify the meaning of a single bet. The whole concept is quite simple, as a single bet is nothing more than one bet placed on one event by the punter.

There are thousands of markets available for you to lay your wagers on, and single bets are perhaps the easiest way to land a winner, as you're relying on only one outcome. Indeed, stats highlight that when compared to other types of bets - say, parlays, for example - you've got a way higher chance to hit a winner on a single bet than on a parlay, although your payout will be rather less as well.

However, even though payouts are not as juicy as the case with accumulator wagers, the benefits outweigh the risks by a mile, and thus, singles are the best road to take if you’re looking for a consistent betting career in the long run.

Single bet main features:

  • Higher chance of winning
  • Very simple concept to understand
  • Available at every bookie
  • Best way to achieve long-run consistency in the betting industry

How it works? Easy understandable manual

Finally, we’ll be going over each and every button and field available on our betting calculator in order to maximize your overall comprehension of the topic. Come along, as you’ll become an expert when it comes to odds calculator and working out your betting returns in potential by the end of it.

Select bet type:

Here you should select the bet type you’d like to work out with our bet odds calculator. You'll be shown “Single” by default, although you can pick other options as well. As today’s article is focused on single bets, we won’t go any further here.

Each way:

Select “Yes”, or “No” depending on whether your bet is an each-way or not.

Odds format:

You’ll be shown three odds formats, which are: American, European, and Fractional.  Here’s one of the primary reasons you’ll eventually need to use the matched betting calculator. Imagine a hypothetical scenario you’re following a Tipster from the UK, and for every tip he gives you, he adds the odd in the traditional British fractional format. However, you’re used to, say, the American format, which is absolutely different from it, which will confuse things a little bit. Just come to our free betting calculator and convert the odds by using it!


Our calculator even gives you an extra scenario in case you come across a dead heat, which is more commonly found in Golf matches and horse races.

Selections & Add Row:

Here you can play a little bit with your possibilities and besides picking odds and the desired outcome of your wager, you can also add different single bets you wish to calculate with our free bet calculator. In order to do that, you just need to hit the “Add Row” button, and another field will show up in the “Selections” area.

Enter Stake:

Here you’ll simply enter the total amount you want to put at stake for this bet.

Stake Options:

Here you’ll have two buttons:

  • Total stake
  • Stake Per Bet

Select the first one in case you’re calculating only one wager return, while you should go for the latter if you want your multiple single bets calculated with the same stake for each selection.

Calculate your bet:

This one is pretty self-explanatory, as you’ll be finally seeing both your final return and your profit after filling in every field on the bet calculator. Just make sure you’ve got everything right before confirming it!

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