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Today, there are more ways of depositing at online betting sites than ever before, and whether it’s by using debit and credit cards or EWallets, generally speaking, punters are now able to make instant (and usually) fee-free payments online. However, there are still a few of cheque betting sites that allow you to make deposits (and sometimes) withdrawals by writing a cheque.

Cheques are one of the oldest forms of making payments, and while they’re quite complex in how they work, they are – essentially – an I.O.U from your bank to another. They’ve been phased out in most shops today, although they can still be useful for making larger payments. The number of bet sites that accept cheque payments is quite low – but on this page, we’re going to be taking a look at the best betting sites that accept Cheque.

List of betting sites that accept Cheque deposits

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Where are cheques accepted?

The number of online bookmakers that accept cheque is – unfortunately – relatively low. While some sites will offer them as a withdrawal method (if you manage to scoop a large win), the number of sites that accept them for deposits is relatively slim. This is due to the nature in which cheques work. They take quite a while to process and can also cost the bookmaker fees.


How long do they take to clear?

They can take between one and seven working days to clear. Today, they are generally faster to clear than they used to be, and this ensures that you don’t need to end up waiting around for as long for the funds to credit to your account.


Can I withdraw using cheques?

Many bookmakers that use cheque payments will offer them for withdrawals – although it’s worth pointing out that most sites will only allow you to make withdrawals via this method if the amount is substantial – typically larger than £100.


Do I need to pay to use cheques?

Generally speaking, the fees incurred by using cheques are charged to the bookie. However, some sites may pass these fees along to you, the consumer, so it’s always worth checking.


Do all bookies accept cheques?

No. Whether a bookmaker chooses to accept payments of this type or not is entirely dependent on their situation. You’ll be able to find out by contacting the bookie’s customer support team.

Best cheque payment bookmakers

In this section of our review, we lay bare the standout bookies allowing registered members to pay for their bets and withdraw winnings via cheque. Choose the sportsbook from the list below that most appeals to you and click the link to get started. 

Our team have reviewed the market in detail and have produced an honest, impartial and free list we think you can rely on:

  • Bet365
  • Betfred
  • Betvictor
  • William Hill
  • 888Sport

To bet with any of the sites listed above, you must register for an account. This takes only a few minutes to complete, and you’ll receive a welcome bonus free bet for your efforts.

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Cheque payments bookmakers

Did you know that there are many bookmakers accepting cheque payments? With bank transfers, debit cards, e-wallets and even cryptocurrencies used to fund wagers and withdraw winnings, a cheque isn’t the most exciting option, but it remains a reliable method for many gamblers.

Sports betting with cheque payments may sound complicated, but it’s not. Plus, it is more popular than you thought. Numerous bets are placed every month using cheque payments. You can gamble on all your favourite sports, cashout your bets, wager on in-play betting markets, or take advantage of the promotions and free bets offered.

Advantages of Cheque Betting

While you might think that using cheques to make payments is clunky and generally involves quite a bit of hassle, you’d be surprised at the number of sports betting websites that accept cheque payments. Arguably the biggest advantage of using this payment option is that you don’t need to worry about the size of the payment you’re looking to make.

For example, some payment methods – think along the lines of EWallets and debit and credit cards – have quite strict maximum limits on them, especially when it comes to online gambling websites. With cheques, that’s generally not a problem, as you can make incredibly high-value transfers. Betting companies that use cheque also tend to process them relatively quickly, which ensures you don’t need to wait around too long in order for your payments to go through.

Disadvantages of Cheque Betting Sites

There’s a couple of major disadvantages of using this method to make deposits – and arguably the biggest one is the simple fact that the payments aren’t processed instantly. Essentially, what this means, is that you’ll need to wait around for a while for the payment to actually be credited to your account. If you’re a recreational punter and don’t mind waiting a few days for payments to complete, then it shouldn’t pose a problem. If, however, you’re looking to place bets on a same-day basis, then you may be better off using other payment methods.

Most bookies will tend to only allow cheques to be used for payments that are around £100 or more. This is because each cheque processed by bookies costs them money – so their deposit limits tend to be higher than other methods.

Depositing and Withdrawing at Betting Sites that Accept Cheques

To deposit at betting sites that take cheque, all you need to do is head to the ‘Cashier’ section of the site and choose the option as your preferred payment method. You may then be asked to contact the bookie’s customer support team – they may need to provide you with the details of who to write the cheque out to if it’s not shown by default. Most betting sites with cheque deposit options will clearly state whether it can be used as a withdrawal method too. Remember, online betting sites that accept cheque will want to make it as easy for you as possible to use the payment method, so it should always be a relatively straightforward procedure.

Play at the Best Cheque Betting Sites Today

Today, the number of online sports betting sites that accept cheque is dwindling – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find great-quality ones that do. If you’re looking for the best cheque betting sites, then we’d always point you towards the sites which are listed here on this page.

All these sites have been hand-picked by our team of online betting experts, and they’ve proven themselves to have a long track record of making sure that they treat customers fairly. Our team of expert reviewers ensure that all the bookies listed not only treat their customers fairly – but they also ensure that the variety of sports markets on offer is comprehensive.

For example, all the sites we feature offer common markets – think about the football bookmakers, horse racing or cricket bookmakers – but our reviewers try to make sure that they also offer some of the rarer betting markets. This can include the likes of watersports, snooker, and special bets – think politics and TV specials.

Rest assured, if you choose to bet with a bookie listed on this page, you can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands at all times. This also applies to cashouts – the sites listed are all fast at processing cashouts and withdrawals.

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