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It is one of the strangest and most fun television events of the year in Europe as well as, these days, Australia. Artists from various countries perform a song at a special concert. This song is voted upon all around the continent and the most popular one wins.

The songs range from awful to magnificent, as do the costumes and dance routines, but it makes for a strangely compelling and fascinating TV entertainment.

It is still worth a bet, however, and the following article is your guide and features:

  • Reasons to bet on Eurovision online
  • FAQs
  • What types of Eurovision bets are offered
  • Is online betting on Eurovision legal?
  • How to pick the best Eurovision betting companies?
  • Best Eurovision betting apps
  • Payment methods at Eurovision sportsbooks


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If you go early, you can win big — There are markets at the best Eurovision bookmakers, such as the outright winner available months ahead of time. An early listen of the song and keeping up with how nations choose their entry can help. Getting it right can be tricky, but there is value in such bets.

Eurovision is made for In-play betting — There can be few events better suited to live betting. Watch the acts, then bet accordingly at Eurovision bookies. It is only when watching the performances that you can really know if this is a winning song.

It’s unpredictable, but research helps — There is some value in the market. Betting on the morning of the event when there is some buzz around the favourites can be a good idea. Having said that, if you can get some early info on some unfancied releases, then odds at Eurovision bookmakers can be excellent.

You can use general knowledge to help — Geopolitics can still have a major effect. The United Kingdom was an unpopular entrant even before Brexit and, looking back through history, you can see that some countries favour certain other countries. It’s not always about the song.

🏛️ First introduced 1951
🏢 Overseeing Organizations European Broadcasting Union
📶 Bookmaker Coverage High
⭐ Popular in Worlwide
🌎 World Championship No
🏅 Olympic Discipline No



Why bet on the Eurovision Song Contest?

It is a format that lends itself to gambling and not just to make the show more interesting.


Are there Eurovision-related bonuses and promotions?

Yes. Eurovision brings a new audience and bookies are keen to tempt people to make a bet.


Is there a wide variety of bets available?

It is not quite the English Premier League or World Cup when it comes to markets, but there are plenty of options on Eurovision betting sites.


Can I request my own bet?

At most bookies this is not a problem. You can usually request odds on almost anything.


The Winner: This is nice and simple. Just choose who you think will win, do some research and then sit back and watch the TV show. It’s simple, but the field is big and unpredictable.

Each Way: Betting on a song to finish in the top four on Eurovision betting websites means that some of the unpredictability is removed. This is essentially two bets, one to win and one to make the top four. It makes the bet more expensive, but does increase the chances of a return, especially when you have a good idea of the contenders before it starts.

Individual placings: You can also gamble on how high certain countries will place or the best Scandinavian entry. There can be good value found in such markets with some research. Eurovision betting companies sometimes don’t have the same knowledge with these novelty bets as with sports.

Over/Under: Yes, this bet exists on top Eurovision betting sites too. It can be about the placing of a country. So if you bet on a place of over, say, 7.5 and it finishes seven or above then you win, eight or below and you don’t.

Build your own: This can be a fun way to bet on the silliest things, such as the colour of a dress, the length of the winning song or anything you can think of.

  1. 1

    Welcome Bonus up to 1,200 HKD

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    Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100

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    100% bonus on the first deposit up to 1,000 HKD

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  5. 5

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to 769 HKD


Some may say that it shouldn’t be, but as long as you are of the required age to gamble online at legal Eurovision betting sites. In most countries in Europe this is 18 but in a few others it is 21.


Searching for the best Eurovision betting site is a similar process to betting on any sporting event.

Eurovision may be something of a novelty in the gambling world, but it is still imperative that punters still need to seek out credible and reliable places. With people betting on the Eurovision that don’t often bet, there are always going to be companies trying to tempt.

When you have a reputable website to trust with your money, that you know will pay out quickly, then you should look at the variety of bets available, something is sure to catch your eye.

A good sign is plenty of information about the contest. Some sites have Eurovision blogs that run for weeks, the selection process, the rehearsals and the gossip – these can be entertaining as well as educational.

It is these kinds of sites that are likelier to have a list of the best odds and the best and most varied markets. The more they know about the contest, the more likely they are to allow you to create your own bets too. And don’t forget to check the bonuses and promotions that are on offer when betting on Eurovision.

Here is our TOP-5:

  • William Hill
  • Bwin
  • 888Sport
  • Betfred
  • Betway

William Hill is a bookie with a great reputation for Eurovision betting

You can’t really go wrong with William Hill. There are always good promotions, it offers quick payouts, competitive odds and varied markets. The in-game betting is also of high quality.

Bet now Read review


Around the world, an increasing number of people are betting on mobile apps. It is rare to find a bookie these days that doesn’t offer the chance to download an app to your phone and bet easily, quickly and conveniently.

This is especially true when it comes to Eurovision. Millions of viewers in Europe gather around with friends and family to watch the event of television. They don’t have laptops with them, but they have phones and often a little bet can make the night more interesting and exciting.

The highest rated apps have, for a day or two at least, the Eurovision easy to find on menus when logging on. They clearly display the betting slip on one side of the screen while making it easy to find other markets.

There should also be plenty of background and helpful information about the contest. It is also important for in-game betting. Being able to place a bet, or even cash out, on your phone at a touch of a button really adds to the experience and also increases your chances of being successful in Eurovision winner betting.

Here is the top list of bookies:

  • Betfred
  • Betway
  • 888sport
  • William Hill
  • 22bet


As you would expect, betting companies like to make it as easy as possible for you to deposit money in your account and understand that customers expect a quick and smooth withdrawal option too.

Yon can always use credit cards and debit cards in most countries, but many punters prefer eWallets. That means you can move your money around securely, cheaply and, in some cases, anonymously.

Bank transfers are slow, but a secure way of payment.

  • visa-100x100sa

    Credit cards are no longer accepted in the UK, but these are tried and trusted methods.

  • skrill-100x100sa

    This digital wallet is widely accepted around the world and offers a smooth deposit and withdrawal method.

  • paypal-100x100sa

    The most famous ewallet service known around the world, though not always the fastest.

  • trapeziko-emvasma-100x100sa

    Slow, but simple, very secure and can deposit and withdraw large amounts of funds.



At the time of writing there are no offers or bonuses specifically tied to the competition as Eurovision will not take place until 2021. Closer to the time, that will change.

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