Betting Offers & Free Bets in Uganda

f your goal while betting on sports is to make the most out of your time and money, free bets are tailor-made for you. It’s easy to get lost with so many great offers. In this guide, we’ll resolve all of your conundrums.

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How Free Bets Work

In the sports betting industry, bookmakers are facing more and more competition with each day. As new companies joining the fold, it’s important to be one step ahead of the competition. One way to accomplish this is to provide incentives to new customers. How does this work exactly?

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For starters, the bookmaker offers a free bet or a deposit bonus per each newly created account.

This gives people a way to see if the site suits them, without spending too much (or any) of their money. Even the most experienced player will be hesitant to deposit copious amounts to an account on a website they’re not familiar with. With a free bet bonus, you get a trial version of a sportsbook. A lack of potential losses means that you can bet freely, without the fear of jeopardizing your balance.

As for rookie bettors, a free first bet is also a form of practice. You can invest efforts into mastering all sorts of sports and markets, but it’s all in vain if you can’t apply this knowledge. However, there are several promotion types to keep an eye out for if you want to completely revamp the way you experience sports betting.

How Free Bets Work
🌎 Country Uganda


🔋 Best bookmaker 👉 Betway Respected betting site
💰 Best deposit bonus ✨ 22bet Welcome bonus up to 500,000 UGX
🆓 Best free bet bonus 👌  Betway 50% up to 200,000 UGX Bonus
🎈 Bonus codes ✔️ 1xbet MIGHTY1X (+30% to your first deposit)

The Best 3 Bonuses for Uganda

The Best 3 Bonuses for Uganda
Bookmaker Offer Bonus
500,000 UGX bonus Get offer
Welcome bonus up to 550,000 UGX Get offer
200% bonus up to 400,000 UGX Get offer 

Types of Free Bets

In this section, we’ll focus on what you can expect from free bets today. Each and every type of promotion will receive a crisp, comprehensive breakdown. With better knowledge of what you expect, you will find it easier to get in the hang of any features.

▶ Matched Free Bets

Matched offers are something we all know and love when it comes to dissecting different bookmakers. While they are not as impressive as free bets without deposit, it’s always great to have one or more at your disposal. They function on a pretty basic principle – when you’re creating a new account, all you have to do is make a deposit and you will receive a 100% match on that amount, in the form of a free bet.

Some websites are known to offer 200-300% on your first match, but this is a rarity. In most cases, you are free to use the promotion to bet on most events, while some seasonal promotions limit you to just certain events. Just to be sure of what you’re getting into – read the terms and conditions before you claim your bonus.

▶ No Deposit Free Bets

A free bet without deposit is probably the most popular bonus form in the history of online sportsbooks. Sadly, we don’t encounter them that often because they’re often a loss for the bookmaker. If you encounter them, this will usually be during the winter season (Nov-Feb) or if there are any special events around the corner. Expect the Olympic Games in Tokyo to spark a myriad of these bonuses. To claim one, you just need to create an account, verify it and start betting. Keep an eye out for any wagering requirements.
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▶ Risk Free Bet Offers

Also known as the win-win offer, this particular type of free bet has become increasingly popular in recent years. A big reason for this is the dynamic nature of the activities that you have to perform. Basically, to use a risk-free bet, you need to place a bet (on one or more qualifying events, depending on the conditions of the bonus) and you’ll get your wager back if it loses.

While you do have to use your own cash, you can take your time to get better and score a winning bet. Of course, there will be some limitations related to the odds that qualify for using your risk-free bonus. Most free bet bonuses are capped at around USh180,000. This is an ideal amount, if you ask us – it’s lucrative and lets you have fun.

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Downsides of Free Bets

The sad part about betting sites with registration bonus in Uganda is that most of their free bet offers are indeed too good to be true. While fraudulent marketing is punishable by law, betting companies cleverly maneuver the existing legislature and constantly find loopholes to make their own offers seem more enticing to players. Here are some of the biggest downsides to free bets in general:

❌ Limited events

Some bookmakers let you use your bonus only on football or basketball. Even if the offer itself is generous, the restrictions can spoil the whole thing if you’re not interested in said sport or league.

❌ No eWallets, more often than not

Due to a bad rep from being used for fraud and other criminal activities, eWallets don’t qualify as legitimate payment options if you’re looking to deposit money to get a matched free bet bonus.

❌ A lack of future options

As of recently, bookmakers have started allowing only one bonus per account, which can be extremely restrictive. What if you see something better in the future and you are unable to use that offer?

❌ Wagering requirements

Placing a bet, winning and withdrawing your money would be too easy, right? Of course. To prevent losses, betting sites often require you to wager your winnings, sometimes with the deposit included, 4-10 times. This can be very infuriating and cause you to lose out on the initial reward.

❌ High odds only

With odds limitations, players are stripped of the opportunity to see what it’s like to win. Many 1×2 options don’t qualify if the free bet bonus requires you to bet on markets with odds 2.00 or greater.

❌ In most cases, you still have to pay

With no deposit free bets being a rare breed nowadays, you often have to use your own money to make a deposit. This can be a disappointment if you’ve spent something along the lines of Ush36,000. No matter how great a bonus may seem, think before you act.

  1. 1

    130% welcome bonus up to 470,000 UGX with code Mightytips470000

  2. 2

    Welcome bonus up to 550,000 UGX

  3. 3

    100% up to 400,000 UGX Bonus

  4. 4

    200% bonus up to 400,000 UGX

  5. 5

    Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100

How to Take Advantage Of Free Bets?

Congratulations, you know everything there is to know about free bets Uganda in 2023, from the benefits to each and every downside that you might encounter. To round off everything you’ve managed to find out, we will finish off this guide with a couple of tips you might find useful:

  • Don’t believe everything the big letters say. Oftentimes, you will see a lucrative amount of money being offered in the form of a matched bet, written in shiny, noticeable letters. Always go straight for the terms and conditions, just so you don’t get unpleasantly surprised when you decide to use the promotion.
  • Check this page at regular intervals. While the knowledge we’ve shared will hopefully stick with you, the page will be constantly updated with new and exciting bonus

To begin playing with a free bet bonus, just:
free bet uganda

  1. Select the promotion you like
  2. Read the description
  3. Click the “Get Bonus” button to claim it


1xbet is a bookmaker that operates in many countries and offers wide betting lines along with a variety of payment methods. It provides new customers with a deposit bonus of up to 400,000 UGX.

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Ugandan Betting Sites With Welcome Bonus

While welcome offers for Ugandans are overall mediocre, we found one offer worth taking a look at.
1xbet. Up to 400 000UGX sign up bonus. This is undoubtedly the biggest bonus you can find around on the market.

6 ratings, average 4.2 out of 5



Do I Need Previous Sports Betting Experience to Claim a Free Bet?

Certainly not. Convenience is very important for punters around the world, so you can expect every bookmaker to break down their particular promotions clearly, without missing any of the details.

Is It Absolutely Necessary?

Necessity is a strong word, which inclines us to say no. However, wagering on sports even with a minuscule free bet can change your betting experience in so many ways. Without the usual stress, you can just sit back, relax and soak in the thrill of sports.

What Is a Red Flag in Free Bets?

Great question! Usually, you should keep an eye out for incredulously high amounts offered. Wagering requirements of 5 or more times are the biggest deal-breaker according to many Ugandan punters.

What Can I Do to Increase the Odds of Winning?

There is no single way to make your slip a guaranteed win, but you can gradually devote your time to accumulating knowledge about the sport you’re interested in. For example, if you’re looking to bet on the Italian Serie A, you should conduct research about every team you want to bet on. Read up about their strengths, weaknesses and general tendencies in different situations.

Can You Combine Free Bets with Other Promotions?

Unfortunately, free bet bonuses are converted to a different kind of wallet which is separated from your regular balance. Thus you can’t mix and match two or more offers, nor can you boost it with your own money.
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