Best Betting Sites Free Bets (No Deposit) in New Zealand

Looking for a bonus that gets you more with the same amount of money? Free bets New Zealand are what you’re looking for! But these aren’t as straightforward as you think. Learn more about the free bet bonus, the different types available, the pros and cons, and all the top sources of free bets in New Zealand. Access the best betting sites in the country for free bets today.

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22bet New Zealand bonus

Collect 100% up to NZ$250 from your your first deposit

22bet greets you with a 100% welcome bonus up to NZ$250 from your first deposit. With minimum of deposit of only NZ$2, this offer grants a lot of flexibility at the beginning of your betting journey.

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Excitewin New Zealand bonus

Claim up to NZ$200 with your first deposit

You can get a 100% of your first deposit from 40 up to 200 NZD as bonus money at Excitewin. The bonus needs to be turned over only once at odds 1,50 or higher to be activated and placed into your account as real money.

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Powbet New Zealand bonus

Gain up to NZ$200 as bonus money from your first deposit

Register at Powbet and deposit NZ$40-NZ$200 to get 100% of the amount as a bonus. Rollover it once at odds 1.50 or higher to redeem the money.

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What Are Free Bets and How Do They Work?

Betting Offers & Free Bets in New Zealand

A free bet is a type of bonus that a sportsbook offers to encourage players to use their site. Along with the other perks of placing your wager online, it’s seen as one of the main reasons people are switching from betting shops to online sportsbooks in New Zealand.

But the biggest difference between a free bet and ‘real’ money is that it’s not redeemable to cash. So, if you get a free bet of $10 and win $15, you’d only be able to withdraw the $15.

Although there are excellent free bets no deposit New Zealand options, there will be conditions that you have to comply with in order to get your free bet. For example, you may have to deposit a certain amount or use a bonus code.

Finding a Sports Betting Bonus in New Zealand

A free bet may only be applicable on a certain sport or event, as determined by the sportsbook you’re placing a bet with. Here are some of the popular ones you’ll see:

Free Rugby Bets

Rugby is considered the national sport in New Zealand and is very popular in every section of society. Kiwis even see the sport as part of their national identity!

Given the obvious affinity of everyone in the country with the sport, it’s no surprise that it’s also their most popular sport to bet on. Watch out for New Zealand free bets on the nation’s favourite sport.

Lilibet ⚡ 100% bonus up to €500

Free Basketball Bets

Officially the second-largest sports industry in New Zealand, basketball events are also popular betting options here. But the popularity of the sport isn’t the only reason it’s a gambler’s favourite. It's a bonus that matches are also relatively predictable, thus, increasing your odds of landing a win.

Bet modifications may also be available to use for free bets NZ, which can help cushion potential losses based on the betting strategy you’re employing. Basketball itself is interesting and, by customising your bet, you add another layer of excitement.

iBet 🎁 100% bonus up to NZ$400

Free Horse Racing Bets

Using your free bet in horse racing is very easy because the event begins and ends quickly. This means that you don’t have to wait long to find out whether or not you won your wager. That’s why its popularity in New Zealand doesn’t matter. When it comes to betting online, it’s always one of the favourites.

The average horse completes the race in under 15 seconds. So, if you like betting on the go, then your bonus is best spent here.

Ditobet 🔥 100% up to €200 + €20 FREE BET

Free eSports Bets

Even beyond the realm of betting online, eSports are something that many people follow closely. Even simple walkthroughs from YouTubers get millions of views.

This is why when bookmakers included eSports in their line of offers, new players started looking for free bets New Zealand options. Fortunately for these novice pundits, many no deposit bonus betting sites New Zealand hosts also offer a free bet for eSports.

Popular Free Bets in New Zealand

Bonus offers in New Zealand

The best free bet offers in New Zealand come in different forms. Although the ultimate result is helping you bet money that you don’t actually have, sportsbooks have developed various approaches to offering this bonus in order to reach this end.

Matched Free Bets

Technically, a matched free bet isn’t a real bet offered by betting sites in New Zealand. But what makes it one is how it’s used. If you use a free bet to bet on all possible outcomes, you’re effectively transforming it into real money.

But you may still lose money. When you bet on football betting sites, there are three outcomes: a win, a loss, and a draw. So, even though one of these outcomes results in a win, you may end up spending money on your bonus anyway.

No-Deposit Free Bets

Most of the time, this type of sports betting bonus in New Zealand is claimed when you register. This makes it an attractive option for newbie players who want a taste of real betting without spending their own money.

But sometimes, the bookmaker will attach conditions to your bonus. One of the most common is that you can’t withdraw your winnings until you’ve bet a certain amount.

Risk-Free Bets

A risk-free bet is a sort of insurance that you get with placing a bet. When you lose, you get a part of, or your entire bet amount, back in the form of a free bet or site credit.

Bettors prefer site credit because, unlike the regular free bet, they can withdraw it along with their winnings. So, if you have a site credit of $50 and win $60, you’ll be able to get a total of $110.

Qualifying Free Bets

A qualifying free bet is a bonus that you get for taking a specific action. Because of the scope of what can be identified under this classification, there’s an overlap between this and other free bets in New Zealand.

The condition followed for the bonus can be anything from registering on a site, depositing money to a horse placing second. It can also be the case that a certain event did not go ahead.

Enhanced Odds

Enhanced odds are betting odds with a value significantly higher than what you’d find with any other sportsbook. Also called boosted odds or price boosts, this free bet can only be claimed if you actually win your wager.

Free bets in New Zealand of this kind are usually offered as a sign-up bonus or loyalty bonus. Meanwhile, some betting sites have become popular because they just randomly offer price boosts.

  1. 1

    100% bonus up to 100€

  2. 2

    100% first deposit bonus up to 200$

  3. 3

    100% welcome bonus up to 180 NZD

  4. 4

    Bet $20 and get $30 Free Bets with code: VMC30

  5. 5

    100% Welcome bonus up to 100€

What Should You Consider When Using Free Bet Bonuses?

A free bet offers New Zealand players an opportunity to protect their financial assets while still having a great betting experience. But that doesn’t mean that every free bet is worth its salt. Although a free bet is technically a bonus, sports bookies design them so that they still earn in the end.

This means that some free bet offers New Zealand has will be better than others. To select the one that’s right for you, there are a few things you should investigate. Note that a site may use any combination of all these for a free bet:

  1. Maximum Available Winnings

    When using free bets NZ, a betting site can set a limit on how much you can win from your wager. So, if you win $500 but the maximum winnings are set at just $200, then the latter amount is all that you’ll get as a bonus.

  2. Sports Limitation

    A New Zealand free bet may only be used for certain sports or even certain events. For example, a football-exclusive free bet bonus may not be used for basketball. The same goes for other sports.

  3. Rollover Requirements

    Betting sites free bets in New Zealand use the rollover requirement to get people to deposit a huge amount of money. If a free bet has a 50% bonus and a 2x rollover, then you won’t be able to withdraw your bonus until you’ve bet 300% of your initial deposit.

  4. Minimum Odds

    If you’re a risk-taker, you should know that a free bet may have an odds requirement that you have to adhere to. This will normally be written with the terms and conditions.

  5. Expiry Date

    The free bets New Zealand gamblers enjoy may only be accessible for a limited time. Keep a tab on the expiry date of every bonus and make sure to use it beforehand.

Free bets New Zealand: Main Pros and Cons of Using Their Free Bet Bonuses

If you want to explore this type of bonus when placing a bet with your favourite sportsbook, these are the advantages and disadvantages that you should learn about.


A free bet often comes with many conditions that dilute how free it actually is

If not offered as credit, New Zealand players only truly benefit when they lose


Despite all the conditions you may have to follow to claim a free bet bonus, it’s still a way to cushion any potential loss and maximise any potential win. All you have to do is select the one that fits your gambling preferences. You’ll find all the free bets New Zealand has in stock for you!

The key is to read the terms and conditions attached with the New Zealand betting site bonus you’re considering. From there, you’ll be able to balance the pros and cons to achieve the optimal outcome.

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Is it legal to bet in NZ?

Yes, betting is permitted in New Zealand. However, due to country constraints, some well-known global bookies may not be available.

What is the most common free bet offered by New Zealand sportsbooks?

Risk-free bets are very popular in New Zealand.

Is it possible to get multiple free bets with the same NZ bookmaker?

Free bet bonuses are regularly offered by NZ bookies, and they can be supplied more than once in the same year so, theoretically, yes, it is doable!

Can I withdraw my free bet earnings from NZ bookies?

This is largely dependent on the bookmaker you're using. Certain bookies' free bet offers allow you to withdraw winnings from bonus funds, although there may be some conditions involved.
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