Over 3.5 Goals Predictions

The over 3.5 goals market is one of the most popular betting choices in recent years. Before the mid-2000s, it was merely a niche area that only pros could learn to navigate. With the rise of over 3.5 predictions in the modern sports betting industry, even rookies can increase their bankroll with the help of a proper site with under 3.5 predictions (or above, for that matter).

Despite its popularity, not many people are sure how to use this market to their advantage. While the objective is simple to grasp, the majority of punters are simply not willing to delve into in-depth statistical analyses, which is what they believe over/under betting involves. To show you the actual simplicity of this process, we’ve prepared a guide. Upon reading it, you will quickly sniff out potential high-scoring fixtures.

Icon Pro League Pro League

Standard Liege vs Sint-Truiden

Best odds 1.59

Rating: 57%

Anderlecht vs Cercle Brugge

Best odds 1.83

Rating: 92%

Icon Premier League Premier League

Match of the Day

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

Best odds 1.8

Rating: 80%

Brentford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Best odds 1.8

Rating: 88%

Match of the Day

Everton vs Manchester City

Best odds 1.65

Rating: 95%

Icon Premiership Premiership

Rangers FC vs Ross County

Best odds 1.7

Rating: 100%

Aberdeen vs Motherwell

Best odds 1.75

Rating: 88%

Hibernian vs Hearts

Best odds 1.89

Rating: 57%

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Over 3.5 Goals Tips: Why You Should Hold Your Horses

Every over 3.5 predictions can be a valuable tool, as this market can significantly contribute to your bankroll with a relatively insignificant amount of effort. To realize what you’re getting into, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of this form of betting:

  • Lots of frustration. While bettors always tend to look at markets from a mathematical standpoint, the stress factor is equally, if not more, important. An over 3.5 bet means that at least four goals have to be scored during the game. Despite the improved accuracy, over 3.5 tips can lead to lots of stress if your bets lose several times in a row. The mere sight of being one goal away from winning can take a toll on your mental health, especially if teams take turns hitting the woodwork.
  • Low strike rate. It’s much more difficult for teams to score four or more goals than almost anything else. Statistically, this doesn’t happen that often and you’re most likely looking at a success rate no higher than 20% percent.
  • In-game variables. Even though a game might seem like it’s going to be a scoring bonanza, a team might suddenly park the bus if they absolutely can’t concede another goal. This is a frequent situation in competitions or late-season league games, especially if the goal difference will decide the placing.

It’s Worth Taking the Risk: The Best Over 3.5 Football Predictions

Just because there are negative sides to using over 3.5 soccer predictions, that doesn’t mean you should avoid using them altogether. Instead, you should just try to be more cautious and balance out your betting slips (in terms of market variety). Whenever you’re unsure about whether you should take a prediction seriously, think about these benefits:

  • It’s a one-way street. Once four or more goals have been scored during the game, you can stop caring about the result. This is perhaps the best part of over/under 3.5 goals betting. As soon as the objective is completed, you’re not compelled to be anxious throughout the rest of the fixture.
  • Fewer variables in the mix. When you’re betting on a team to win, there are a million things that could go wrong and spoil your entire slip. It can take a whole game to build a lead and just a few seconds to lose it. With over 3.5 goals bets, you only have a few factors to consider.
  • Better odds. Statistically, four goals in one game is a rare feat. Just because it happens so infrequently, you can win a lot of money.

How to Properly Judge Over 3.5 Tips and Predictions

Whether you’re looking for the best over 3.5 betting tips today or devising a long-term strategy, you need to look at statistical data from the current season, both team and player-specific stats. This will help you get a clearer picture of this market.



Do own goals count in over 3.5 football betting?

Yes! Every goal scored counts for over 3.5 bets, so if you feel a match is too busy and there is a chance of lots of goals, then go for it!

What are the best leagues for over 3.5 betting?

Nowadays, the Australian league is regularly mentioned when it comes to judging the best league for over 3.5, as teams don’t have good defenses overall.

What are the best bookmakers for over 3.5 goals?

The market is very famous overall, so it literally depends on your preference. We recommend for you to pick the bookmaker that offers the best odds for the market for the match you want to bet on

How easy is it to land winners on over 3.5 football betting?

It depends, as football comes with a significant unpredictability factor. Pick the teams with the best fronts and hope for the best.

Should I cashout if I’m about to lose in over 3.5 betting?

It depends on the situation. If you have invested a large amount and you’re sure that you’ll lose, then cashout to avoid a 100% loss.

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