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All the time, we hear people repeating the same question – “Why are you chasing ties? Do you want to lose intentionally?”. It almost makes sense, doesn’t it? Betting on a result that neither team desires is the definition of a long shot. As you probably know, long shots result in lucrative odds. For that reason, more and more punters seek to bolster their slips with football draw tips.

An abundance of advice almost always results in mass confusion. To tackle this common issue, we’ve decided to explain the benefits of betting on ties, the essential strategies, and how to pick the right full-time draw prediction site. If fun and money are what you’re after, you’ll be delighted to add this guide to your betting arsenal.

Icon Pro League Pro League

Standard Liege vs Sint-Truiden

Best odds 1.59

Rating: 57%

Anderlecht vs Cercle Brugge

Best odds 1.83

Rating: 92%

Icon Premier League Premier League

Match of the Day

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

Best odds 1.8

Rating: 80%

Brentford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Best odds 1.8

Rating: 88%

Match of the Day

Everton vs Manchester City

Best odds 1.65

Rating: 95%

Icon Premiership Premiership

Rangers FC vs Ross County

Best odds 1.7

Rating: 100%

Aberdeen vs Motherwell

Best odds 1.75

Rating: 88%

Hibernian vs Hearts

Best odds 1.89

Rating: 57%

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Draw Betting Tips: How to Pick the Right Fixture?

Even the most seasoned bettors have difficulties looking for the right draw prediction for midweek or even weekend games. The world of draw predictions is undoubtedly an exciting one, but it’s challenging to be sure of your slip as you don’t know the accuracy of these tips. Picking the ideal fixture involves checking the validity of every prediction you come across. To ensure that the results are as accurate as possible, you can use the following strategies.

  • The “motivation” approach. This is perhaps the most straightforward tie betting strategy, one that has become increasingly popular with rookie bettors. To determine whether a draw prediction is accurate or not, you need to think about what each team’s motivation is. Will both squads be happy with just one point? There’s also the situation when a team is fighting to avoid relegation – they will surely keep defending until the last whistle. Forget hunches and picking the most likely winner; you need to analyze everything.
  • Low-scoring trends. If a team tends to score few goals, they are ideal candidates for drawing games. When you’re reading soccer draw predictions, you should also see if there are any wingers or key playmakers injured. That could also disrupt the usual influx of goals.
  • Comebacks and potent frontlines. If you want to spice things up, you can combine the tie prediction with an over 2.5 goals bet. This will bolster your odds even further, especially if one or both teams have skilled wingers and the need for a comeback in a second leg match.

Football Draw Tips – Don’t Use the Progressive Betting Strategy

Even though draws are relatively frequent in football, tie betting is still a relatively new and “unexplored” niche. Many punters like to spice their game up by progressively upping their stakes when betting consecutive draws. That way, they either win the first match or make up for the loss with the second fixture being a draw.

In reality, this is one of the worst strategies because you will lose more money than you could make up for with later wins. If 33% of your draws win, then you can think of it as a remotely profitable activity.

How Often Should You Use Football Draw Predictions

Today, punters from across the globe enhance their betting slips with various football draw prediction sites. The availability of this information has resulted in a lot of people basing their entire Acca bet on draws. Despite the attractive odds, you can’t put all your eggs in such an uncertain basket.

Instead, you can use tie bets on days when you have enough surefire BTTS bets and what not. Statistically, an ideal percentage of draws on the slip would be ~30%. Thus, you should take it easy and not get too excited if you string together two wins in the ‘draw department’.



Why should I bet on the Draw market?

As we stated right at the beginning of this text, it can be confusing to bet on a draw between two teams but, depending on the situation, it can be the safest and most profitable scenario, and that alone is reason enough to bet on this market.

Can I bet on the Draw market in any football match?

Yes, the draw market is available at any bookmaker and for every football match.

Are the odds even good for this market?

Yes, but this will obviously depend on the situation.

How to find the best odds for the Draw market?

In short, look for the Asian bookmakers in general, because these offer the best betting odds out there.

What other markets are available for me to bet on besides the Draw one?

You can lay your wagers on the likes of 1x2, corner, or over and unders, as these are the most famous options.

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