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Goalbet mobile app

A detailed review on how to install and operate the Android and iOS versions of the Goalbet app sportsbook.

No mobile app available for this OS

No mobile app available for this OS

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Goalbet: Mobile Guide and Review for Android and iOS

In this guide, we take you for a spin with the Goalbet mobile application guide, which is sure to have punters interested. The bookmaker itself also has a main page with its own informative guide here.

There are things to improve for Goalbet’s mobile applications and websites, but we believe they hold good potential if the bookmaker goes ahead in a positive manner.

This takes you through how to use the application, to some of the most important facts you will need to know before getting started.

The versions available are:

  • A Goalbet mobile version
  • iOS application

These applications and versions are designed to optimise the desktop experience for their on-the-go punters.

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How to get the mobile app for Goalbet?

First of all, you will need to register, which can be achieved easily by finding the sign-up button to make sure you have an account.

Once your account is ready and waiting, you can find the Goalbet app download on the Apple store via .apk directly from the source. Sadly, there is no Android application, so you will have to use their web application via a browser instead.

How to install Goalbet app for Android

Sadly there’s no Goalbet apk dedicated to working on Android phones, this isn’t the best case, meaning we hope that there will be an application developed for the Android phones. This is crucial so that Android users too, have the best use of the bookmaker on their phones, thus increasing popularity.


How to install Goalbet app for Apple

All applications in the App Store features are compatible with iPhones and iPads. Unfortunately, the users will not be able to locate the Goalbet iOS app as the operator has not developed one yet. What players can do is to access the website through Safari or any other mobile browser they use in order to add the web app onto the home screen which enables the instant launch of the site.

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Mobile over Android, iOS or Desktop: advantages and disadvantages

The mobile version sometimes comes with advantages that make it more usable than other bookies. Sometimes the usability and pace of the applications put it ahead of the competition, but there are other things you must consider when it comes to comparing these.

The mobile can be used on either device, whilst the application is only available on the Apple store to iOS users. We’d like to see a Goalbet apk added to bring more usability for the Android users out there.

There are also differentiating speeds, as the mobile site can take a while to load. Plus, the applications are a much more optimised version when it comes to speeds but, otherwise, the same design and layout.


An important aspect of rating a bookmaker’s mobile site and apps is how easy it is to use and navigate – this all falls into the usability category.

When we apply this to the Goalbet app, we take into account how it loads up. First, it displays its options with the login and sign-up neatly aligned at the top, whilst everything else is in blocks clearly displayed, allowing for very easy use.

The speed can sometimes be lacking as it is a mobile website. Plus, this will sometimes be limited thanks to how minimised the desktop app is to the dimensions of a phone screen. This problem is fixed with mobile applications, as the performances are much more optimized, while retaining the best usability features.

How to login

Logging in is a major part of being able to use a bookmaker’s application and mobile sites, which can become irritating if not smooth and easy. Here, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to login with Goalbet’s mobile versions.

Fast access

You can easily search for ‘Goalbet login’ or just ‘Goalbet’ to immediately have the login at your disposal. Even using the words spaced out, such as ‘Goal bet’, will take you to the website.


  1. Find the login button
    This will be on the top right of the page. You should not have any problems finding this as it stands out from the rest, next to the register button. Make sure you’ve completed the Goalbet download first.
  2. Input your details
    It will then ask for your details – password and login – which you need to have recorded somewhere or else memorised.
  3. Click the login button
    Once you’ve input all of your correct details, clicking the login button at the bottom will enable you to proceed.
  4. Bet!
    Now that you’re on the page and on your account, feel free to begin your betting shenanigans!
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Sports betting

The betting options within Goalbet display a rich variety. You’ll like the options as there are 24 sports to pick from.

Goalbet, as the name suggests, belongs to a huge list of football-orientated bookmakers within the betting industry.

Further to the popular football and basketball options, you can also bet on futsal, cycling, table tennis, and several other niche markets for betting. Though the sports are displayed, the number of leagues and competitions are not limited. For example, football spreads to more than ten countries’ top-flight teams and even lower leagues, allowing for a much more interesting betting experience and with many other sports too.

We consider Goalbet to have done a good job with extending variety and providing their punters with some good options to bet on.

📲 Available platforms

Web, iOS

🔴 Live betting 


💳 Mobile deposits 


✨ Mobile withdrawals 


ℹ️ Mobile support

Phone, e-mail, live chat

🎁 Mobile offer


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Live betting

There is also live betting on offer with Goalbet – available in the ‘live bet’ section of their page. You can find this easily in the choices along with their casino and BetgamesTV options.

They provide updates via an illustration of what is happening on the pitch, which can be an extremely useful tool for punters wanting to predict what may happen in the coming minutes, and placing crucial bets.

Though it seems to be a little bit faster-paced on desktop, the web app on your phone is not the fastest when it comes to live betting, but it does work.



Payment methods, as usual, are crucial to how a bookmaker is rated. We think that whether you’re able to deposit money quickly or not can help you make use of more opportunities and increase the usability and convenience of a bookmaker.

The options that come with this bookmaker include Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and Sofort – all of which commonly come with a deposit minimum of 10 Euros – you can find more bookmakers compatible with Euros here.

Mastercard and VISA are absent, however, meaning there are fewer ways of being able to pay cash into your account, so it would’ve been a bit more convenient to have such options. If this isn’t what you’re looking for, and you’d like to find a bookmaker with more payment options, then you can have a look at our Mastercard betting options here.


desposit screen


withdrawal screen
list of options list of payment methods


Overall, the support is made extremely available for the punters of Goalbet. They not only provide an email you can contact if you’re lost with something on the page, but also a live chat plus a telephone number allowing for much easier, faster access.


Though their chat and responsiveness is 24/7, they only operate Monday to Friday. However, they are pretty good at replying and are known to be competent in support matters.


The application itself isn’t bad, but it can be improved upon. First things first, we believe that if there was an Android version of the .apk download and application then it would be much more accessible and popular to mobile punters.

Though we do believe that when it comes to variety, the bookmaker allows its punters to extend to some nice niche markets alongside the usual popular sports. Not to mention that their football odds are quite attractive.


No Android app

Some bits of lag

The payment methods could’ve been more accessible too, with Mastercard and VISA being unavailable in this instance. Though the limitation of ten Euros is reasonable.

There are things to improve for Goalbet’s mobile applications and websites, but we believe they hold good potential if the bookmaker goes ahead in a positive manner.

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Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?

No, there is not, but you can make use of some of the bonuses made available within the desktop site on mobile also.

Does Goalbet offer live streaming services for mobile apps?

Sadly, there are no live streaming services even on mobile applications, but they offer their update feature just as they do on desktop versions.

How easy is it to deposit/withdraw money in the Goalbet application?

Very easy, as you can find the option to withdraw or deposit your cash on your account’s page when clicking on the interface.

Where can I find the Goalbet promotions in the app?

You may find their bonuses within the ‘promo’ section, which should be displayed along with all of the other options on the toolbar.

Where can I find .apk files for iOS and Android?

You can find the Goalbet .apk with several third parties, which you can only use at your own risk, or else straight from the Goalbet source. Keep in mind that the .apk is iOS only.
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