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Nairabet mobile app

A complete and fair overview of the Nairabet mobile betting options: Lite & Full website modes and default desktop site.

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Nairabet app

Below, we are diving into key differences between Standart (Full) and Lite mobile-website versions; plus, we will touch on the Android app. Everything said applies to both Android and iOS mobile platforms – making absolutely no distinction for your mobile OS system. If you are not familiar with the Nairabet bookmaker as a whole, reading our professional review of the bookmaker is advised. NairaBet offers its punters to choose between three online options:

  • Computer site
  • New mobile website
  • Mobile site – Lite Mode

Supporting the same basic functions, each option is sharply different from another in terms of the design and much of the secondary betting arsenal. Read further to learn about the specifics of the Nairabet mobile offer.

How to Get the Mobile App for Nairabet?

It’s common to think that no native Nairabet apps exist at all. However, we have found an official Nairabet application for Android on their website. While the bookmaker does not actively advertise it, we are going to give you step-by-step instructions.

At the same time, there is currently no way to download an iOS Nairabet app. Instead, two forms of the browser-based mobile site are offered.

How to Get the Mobile App for Nairabet?

It’s common to think that no native Nairabet apps exist at all. However, we have found an official Nairabet application for Android on their website. While the bookmaker does not actively advertise it, we are going to give you step-by-step instructions.

At the same time, there is currently no way to download an iOS Nairabet app. Instead, two forms of the browser-based mobile site are offered.

The following way is quite non-intuitive: still, it’s the only possible way to install a legitimate Nairabet Android app:

  • Go to the Nairabet official website
  • Switch to the Lite mode
  • Scroll all the way down
  • There, tap on the “Android” sign right beneath the “Download app” one
  • The Nairabet app download begins!

To verify that you have done everything correctly, check whether the .apk file is named “app-nairabet-release.apk”.

Besides, we have seen unconfirmed sites offering you “official” Nairabet .apk files. Be precarious: do not take the bait! While utilizing a bookmaker app implies trusting your private financial data, those apps are incredibly probable to have an implicit piece of malware.

Where to install Nairabet app for iOS?

The only correct answer is nowhere since the application for Apple devices has not yet been officially developed and introduced. Hence, we urge you not to trust any third-party sources that propose you to download Nairabet app for iPhones – it’s likely to contain malicious software.

Mobile over android, ios or desktop: upsides and downsides

For the mobile variants, the following is true:

  • Lite Version is targeted for the users who often experience slower internet connection or lower battery power levels
  • Full (or New) Version fits players with high-powered phones and faster network speed.

A significant downside of the Lite site is the absence of virtual sports section. Additionally, the Lite version is cut off aesthetically in a meaningful manner. This might come as an advantage for those preferring minimalistic interfaces while others will crave the mixed full-colour palette of the New site. The Lite interface feels raw to an extent and is absent of handy swiping-lists and live promotions of the starting page – still, more of a pedantic user will find this layout less irritating.

As to the Android app, this is a unique case. Nairabet has altered nothing, comparing to the mobile site. It’s thoroughly the same to the last detail: layout, functions, and even the Lite/New modes are present too. In other words, everything said about mobile website versions applies entirely to the Android app.


While the website and .apk app are equivalent both visually and functionally, the Android Nairabet app is supposed to work faster, given that native mobile applications usually store data locally on the device instead of using web servers.

Now, let’s go through particular parts of the betting and accompanying user experience.

How to login

If needed, it’s better to switch to the Lite mode right away from the home page (left column -> the lowest button saying “Lite version”). For both types of the mobile site, the “Log in” button is located in the right upper corner – left to the Register sign.

The overlaying window requires Username and Password to sign in. Remember me box is advised for players who use a specific device regularly. Have troubles remembering your password? The Forgot Password function is available.

Sports betting

All in all, 13 types of sports are offered in the sportsbook. Strangely, we have not encountered a Virtual section on the Nairabet Lite platform, even though virtuals are growing in popularity wildly during the coronavirus times. A handy quick filter can be used to sort out the mishmash of plays. Also, a peculiar bet suggestion function can be interesting to tweak as well: receiving potential win and stake value as input, it automatically proposes you bet to wager onto, adding them to your bet slip.

The process of placing a bet is designed to be quite intuitive:

  • Choose a match
  • Select a bet
  • Adjust the total stake value and accumulator/multiple/single type
  • Press “Place bet”!

Live betting

In-play matches are represented, and live bets are widely maintained. However, comparing to other bookmaker sites, the live statistics are considerably lacking in clarity and scale. For instance, football play’s stats consists just of goals, red/yellow cards, and other symbols we could not discern. Statistical parameters are titled by single emoji symbols: not the best way to devise an analytical tab.

Live the Nairabet bookmaker does not support broadcasting.


To fund your account, the following methods are accepted:

  • Offline Bank Transfer, Agent Payment <– Cash
  • Interswitch, Paystack, Quickteller [ATM] <– ATM Card (Visa & MasterCard)
  • PayStack Platform, GTB Online <– Deposit from Bank Account
  • Verve <– Check Deposits

Since there is such a broad range of funding options and no centralized place for all methods is available, you shall go to the FAQ section on the Nairabet website (at the very bottom) and search for the preferred deposit method.

Remember, deposited funds are confirmed close to instantly and are non-refundable directly. Only Nigerian Naira ₦ is accepted.

To withdraw money from your account, go to My Account –> Account and choose Withdraw Funds. Type in your banking account info and wait until verification completes (takes one day at max). It’s done!


Three ways to resolve an issue are offered:

  • Reach out to the Call Center (call 0700 NAIRABET 070 0624 72238)
  • Contact via email (
  • Start a dialogue on Nairabet’s official social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

Unfortunately, the most convenient and modern customer service platform – the live chat – is not supported.


The case of mobile Nairabet deserves respect for an unusually thought-out Lite / New site division. Meanwhile, particular decisions cast some doubt upon the quality of the Nigerian bookmaker’s platform. Here are our conclusions compressed.


No iOS app (plus, Android app is hard to find)

Poor live statistics for in-play games

2 ratings, average 4 out of 5



Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?

While all the desktop promotions, like the Nairabet VIP bonus or “One game cut your ticket” promo action, persist to the mobile betting, no special mobile offers are made by the bookmaker.

Still, it’s likely to change soon, and we will update the info without delay!

Does Nairabet offer live streaming services for mobile apps?

Nairabet does not host any live broadcasts for now. Being a definite downside of their platform, even in-play matches statistical representation is handled in quite an awkward way.

How easy is it to deposit/withdraw money in every application?

Depends on the particularities. Depending on your preferred payment system, go to the FAQ section to figure out how your exact method is operated.

Where can I find the Nairabet promotions in apps?

A full list of promotions with according descriptions and terms can be found by going to bottom of the screen, under the “Betslip browser”, if you are using Lite version, or in the left side menu and one of the four big buttons at the top, if you are using new version.


Where can I find .apk files for iOS and/or Android?

No iOS application files have been released yet. However, the Android app (effectively emulating the mobile website) is ready to be downloaded directly at the lower panel of the Lite mobile version – titled “Android.”
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