Double Chance Tips & Predictions

While we all agree that 1×2 bets should be the staple of most betting slips, although they come with an inherent disadvantage. As there are three possible outcomes for each match, each result has a 33.3% chance of occurring. This makes your acca bets more susceptible to Fergie time goals and sudden turnarounds. To prevent lost bets, an increasing number of punters have turned towards double chance bets.

Since this is a strategy that’s not that highly coveted, we’ve taken the liberty to create a comprehensive guide. Within it, you’ll find all the essential details and benefits of this niche market, as well as advice on how to find the best free double chance predictions.

Icon Pro League Pro League

Standard Liege vs Sint-Truiden

Best odds 1.59

Rating: 57%

Anderlecht vs Cercle Brugge

Best odds 1.83

Rating: 92%

Icon Premier League Premier League

Match of the Day

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

Best odds 1.8

Rating: 80%

Brentford vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Best odds 1.8

Rating: 88%

Match of the Day

Everton vs Manchester City

Best odds 1.65

Rating: 95%

Icon Premiership Premiership

Rangers FC vs Ross County

Best odds 1.7

Rating: 100%

Aberdeen vs Motherwell

Best odds 1.75

Rating: 88%

Hibernian vs Hearts

Best odds 1.89

Rating: 57%

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Double Chance Football Predictions: How Do They Work

Simply put, a double chance bet is a market that allows you to bet on 2/3 possible outcomes. Instead of 1, X and 2, you can place bets in the form of 1X, X2 and 12. This dramatically increases the chance of your accas winning, as well as coverage in case of injuries, mental lapses or mistakes occur. Think of double chance betting as a fail-safe way of winning some extra cash on the side.

You shouldn’t rely on this market too much, as odds aren’t as high as when you’re picking just one outcome. DC bets are usually the first to be advertised in a bookie’s special bets section, making them a great way to get through a rough patch or to establish an excellent start to your soccer betting career. Tips on double chance outcomes are almost always a valuable tool, giving you an insight into what’s going on.

Picking the Right Double Chance Betting Tips

Even the best predictions can “sink” your entire acca if you don’t do the research. It’s not enough to find a prediction and use it – you also have to conduct some research of your own. Here’s how you can quickly check the validity of a particular tip:

  • Who is the favourite? When on the hunt for the best double chance betting tips, you need to take a look at the relationship between the two teams, as well as their respective standings. How can this be done? Easy! Check if one side is the favourite. In that case, a one or a two would be the basic choice. If the underdog team needs at least a point, 1X or X2 should be the way to go.
  • Better not to lose than to win. In situations where there’s a local derby going on, teams are better off just sharing the points instead of pulling off risky manoeuvres to try and win. Such cases are even more apparent if the teams are evenly matched.
  • Check the form. Double chance bets are tailor-made for situations when a team has mixed results in the last few games. If you’re not sure what’s going to happen, 12 is an outcome you should be aiming at.

1X, 2X, 12 Betting Predictions: How Important Are They?

Frankly, double chance tips can only do so much when you’re creating your next slip. Despite the apparent benefits, you still have to pay attention to injuries, less-coveted variables and, of course, the low odds. Thus, you shouldn’t place too much trust in any double chance prediction. 1×2 should always be the foundation.



Why should I choose the double-chance market?

Some matches may leave you in doubt whether to bet on a certain team or a draw, and that is why the double chance is a good option. With this, you can bet on both results and increase your chances.

Can I bet on the double-chance market in any football match?

Yes. Only in very small or friendly competitions will this option not be available.

What are the options for the double-chance market?

As we explained earlier, it is possible to bet on ‘1X’, ‘X2’ or ‘12’. That is, either in a team and a draw, or in the victory of one of the two teams.

How to find the best double-chance odds?

This will depend on the competition. There are bookmakers that focus more on European competitions, while others focus more on competitions in the Americas. So it is always a good idea to research the odds before placing your bets.

What other markets are there to bet on besides the double chance?

There are several others. You can bet on Moneyline (also called 1x2), on the total goals in a match, and on the correct score, among others.

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