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In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best bookmakers which inhabit the Scandic areas and even help you through the betting fray, in order to help kickstart your betting adventures today. Scandic bookmakers have a variety, allowing you to choose from the various companies which all have differentiating terms, so here and today, we’ll be supporting you in choosing and selecting.

Alongside picking bookies, you’ll also need to consider the main payment options you’ll use and their limitations, which is equally as important as picking your bookmaker.

List of bookmakers in Scandic countries

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Scandic sports betting - the Ultimate Guide


In this article

You’ll not only find the best Scandic bookies, but also some of the top payment methods and information on betting in Scandinavia in order to be able to navigate in this country safely when betting.

best scandic betting sites

All of the different Scandic countries will have different regulations, some stricter than others, but it is smart to read up on those rules so that you can stick to them, and bet safely. Some bookmakers might not be available in some countries, and some payment methods may also not even function. So in order for you to coast safely, you should team up with us and allow us to help you along your way. Countries such as Norway will pose stricter rules than their fellow countries, so it is all specific and legal information.

What you need to know about betting in Scandic countries

what you need to know about scandic countries

Norway, Sweden and Denmark are the top three most notable countries for Gambling within the Scandic countries. Both have very different laws but the betting front goes all the way back to the olden times of both countries, even when the vikings were around.

Scandic online betting is split into several parts thanks to the fact that it is more than one country!

Unibet and Betsson are two bookmakers which have been found to be native to Scandic lands, with the Kindred group being from this Sweden directly. Online betting in Sweden became legal in 2002, whilst betting shops were around legally quite a while before then.

  1. These countries are football fanatics
  2. Winter weather is frequent in the Scandic countries
  3. Despite being both Scandic, the betting laws are very different between the two
  4. Erling Haaland, comes from Norway
  5. Norway only has two companies allowing to provide gambling

But whilst gambling is fully legal now in Sweden, on the other side, it is not - with Norway prohibiting the activity to anyone but two companies, Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto, both of whom basically run the small betting market there

Denmark have also got a very similar situation to Norway, the betting front there being quelled by strict rules and regulations to keep it under control. The only bookmakers that work within Denmark need to hold a specific license for this country which would be recognised by the Danish Gambling Authority, in order to work properly and legally.

The countries love the sport football - the respective national teams don some great gems such as Christian Eriksen, Erling Haaland, Zlatan Ibrahmovic and other footballers which make the sport great to watch for these people.

Winter sports, or other sports such as hockey, however, are also big in these countries seeing how much winter weather these people get, allowing them to excel at these.

What you need to know about betting in Scandic countries
🌍 Country Scandic Countries
👌 Language Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
💲 Currency Swedish Krone, Danish Krone, Norwegian Krona
 Popular Sports Football, biathlon, golf 
⚖️ Is betting legal Norway - no, Sweden -yes, Denmark - yes
🏢 Regulator Swedish Gambling Authority, Norsk Tipping, Norsk Rikstoto, Danish Gambling Authority
🧾 Gambling Taxes Sweden: 18%
Norway: 0%
Denmark: 20%
💳 Most popular payment methods Bank Wire, VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin



How many betting accounts can I have?

Only one with each bookie - as this is part of their law, so you do not exploit bonuses and welcome offers.

Where can I find support with bookies?

Usually they will have chats or support numbers which you can use, try to look at the bottom of the page or for their “contact us” page.

How many times can I use a bonus?

Reading the terms and conditions of said bonus will give you a good idea - sometimes bonuses can be used more than once.

Is home betting legal in Norway?

It is strictly prohibited to host any sort of betting parties even at home in Norway.

Are Norway, Sweden, and Denmark all regulated by the same organisation?

No, they each have their own regulatory bodies when it comes to keeping gambling intact in these parts.

How to bet on live matches

Betting on live games not only gives you the upper advantage of being able to predict what is happening in real time, but you’d also be able to cash out your bet to save some money when you do not think it will come through. Here, we’ll teach you just how to start betting on live matches!

  1. Pick your bookmaker

    We will use Bet365, one of the well known bookies - to demonstrate. This bookmaker not only has live game capabilities, but sometimes even shows the games on a livestream.
    choose a bookmaker
  2. Pick your game

    Say we select Real Madrid against Mallorca for example, we would wait until the match begins and select it when it does so, so access the interface and statistics.
    select a match
  3. Wait until the game begins

    Once the match begins, the clock will strike the specified time and the Bet365 interface usually shows the events on the pitch represented by moving animations.
    adjust your stake
  4. Look for betting opportunities

    When we see a betting opportunity, or something very likely to happen on the field of play, we’ll place a bet using the options on the live game’s interface.
    look for betting lines

Mobile betting

The betting front has long been modernised - the latest technology allowing betting to be a much more comfortable ideal, with many punters beginning to use their betting knowledge with their phones, inciting mobile betting. This helps many people grasp opportunity even on the go, as many bookmakers have begun to create mobile versions and applications maximised in order to help the site run better on phones.

Some of the best scandic bookmaker’s mobile betting applications not only bring a fast optimized experience, but also give you a better interface much more suited for mobile, but yet still similar to the desktop websites.

Bet365 is definitely one big mention, they have been known around the world thanks to their diverse licencing allowing them to operate in a very big amount of countries - which includes most of scandinavia. 

If you want to learn more about most of the available Scandic betting sites’ mobile sites, please take a look at the list below.

  1. 1

    Welcome Bonus up to 1,200 HKD

  2. 2

    Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100

  3. 3

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to 1,000 HKD

  4. 4

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to $150

  5. 5

    100% bonus on the first deposit up to 769 HKD

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