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There are not so many Paymenticon betting companies despite the obvious advantages offered by this payment method. This article will point out everything you need to know before choosing it as your preferred way of paying for online gambling services.


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What currencies can I use on Paymenticon?

The only supported currencies are EUR, RON, PLN, GBP, USD, and CHF.


Are there different subscription plans?

Yes, Paymenticon offers 4 distinct subscription plans:

  • Non-Verified
  • Limited
  • Standard
  • Enhanced

How can I withdraw funds from Paymenticon?

In order to withdraw funds from your Paymenticon account, you will have to transfer them to your bank account. Then you can withdraw from any ATM.


Which bookmakers accept PAYMENTICON?

If you want to see the complete list of bookmakers that support Paymenticon as a payment method make sure to visit the Bookmakers section and apply the Paymenticon filter.


Why is my account limited?

This happens because you have not verified your identity. Get in touch with the KYC Department and send them the appropriate documents. It is a usual identity validation process (similar to the bookmakers one).


As mentioned before, there are not many bookmakers that allow their users to deposit/withdraw funds using their Paymenticon account. However, you can still use this payment method to deposit money on other eWallets that are generally accepted by bookies. Below you will find a detailed explanation on how to deposit money using your virtual Paymenticon card.

The example is based on the PayPal process. Keep in mind that all the deposits require you to perform similar steps, regardless of the platform you are making the transfer to.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. Click on Link a Card or Bank
  3. Press the Link a Debit or Credit Card button
  4. Fill in the required information and confirm the transfer


Paymenticon is one of the safest payment methods available on the Internet. It is considered to be amongst the safest eWallets one can use for online gambling. Their online platform uses HTTPS and SSL security certificates that ensure data protection during the transfer. All your information is secured using 256-bits encryption. It means that your information is encrypted before leaving your device and is decrypted only when it reaches your preferred betting companies with Paymenticon.

Moreover, being an intermediate payment method means that your bank information is not shared with the gambling company. It means that your bank account can not be linked with any online betting activity of yours. In terms of support, you can always reach out to the 24/7 Support Department. They will guide you throughout solving any issue that you may encounter when paying online with Paymenticon.

Paymenticon and LVBet

LVBet is one of the bookmakers accepting Paymenticon. First and foremost, all the deposits made using this payment method are processed instantly and without any service fees. When it comes to revenue withdrawals, the situation is quite similar. There are no taxes associated with this type of transaction. However, the processing time can go up to 24 hours which is way faster compared to traditional credit/debit cards.

Advantages & limitations

When it comes to advantages and disadvantages, Paymenticon is clearly a way better payment method compared to traditional Wire Transfers. There are no fees at all, and you do not have to spend extra money to pay for taxes and commissions. All the transfers are processed in a short time. Deposits are always processed instantly, while withdrawals take up to 24 hours to be processed.

Another great aspect of this payment method is related to the security of your information. Being an intermediate payment method, it keeps your sensitive data safe. If your payment goes through Paymenticon, betting site will not be able to see it. Only you and Paymenticon get to see the bank account that deposits money on your eWallet. This is one of the safest payment methods available online.

There are also plenty of payment methods that do not allow their users to withdraw gambling winnings. This is not the case for Paymenticon – you can withdraw all your revenue within 24 hours. Moreover, you do not have to pay any extra fee for processing the transaction.

The only major disadvantage of this payment method is that there are not many betting sites using Paymenticon. However, you can still use this kind of eWallet to make transfers to other supported payment methods. If your preferred bookie does not allow you to use Paymenticon, then you can use it to deposit via PayPal or other payment methods.

Limits, fees & withdrawal times

If you are planning on using your Paymenticon account for online gambling then you must be aware of the associated fees, limits, and processing times. Below we have prepared two tables pointing out these aspects for the best Paymenticon betting sites. We suggest you take a look at our Bookmakers section in order to get a better understanding of the limitations and applicable fees of this payment method.

The minimum deposit is as low as 10 EUR (or equivalent in other currency). All deposits are processed within a few seconds and there will be no fees regardless of the transferred amount. When it comes to withdrawals, the situation is similar. The minimum withdrawal is 20 EUR (or equivalent) and there are no associated fees with this type of transaction. However, it may take up to 24 hours for your funds to be available in your Paymenticon account.



There Are Not Many Paymenticon bookies

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

decor-blue decor-blue
Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max



€10 - €5,000

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

decor-blue decor-blue
Betting Site Withdrawal speed Free Limits Min/Max


Up to 24 hours

€20 - €5,000


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    Neteller is one of the most popular eWallet around the world. There are several expensive fees associated with this payment method, but the transfer processing times are amazingly short.

  • trapeziko-emvasma-100x100sa

    Wire transfers represent deposits/withdrawals made directly using your bank account. This type of transaction involves using your banking information in order to access your funds.

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    VISA is one of the most popular card issuers around the world. Besides online payments, you can always use the physical card if you want to pay for goods and services.

  • paysafecard-100x100sa

    Paysafecard is a suitable method for those who do not want to link their bank account with their online gambling activity. The funds are bought using cash from any partner store.



In conclusion, Paymenticon is a great payment method for those who do not want to use their bank account for gambling transfers. The associated fees are close-to-zero and that allows users to prevent extra money from being spent on taxes. All transactions are rapidly processed. The deposits are processed instantly while withdrawals may take up to 24 hours to be reviewed and approved.

However, there are not many online bookies that accept Paymenticon. Make sure to check out the list of Paymenticon bookmakers to get a better understanding of what bookies accept this payment method. If your preferred betting company does not support this eWallet then you can try out other online payment methods (such as PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill).


PAYMENTICON is an electronic (digital) wallet. It means that all your funds are stored in an eWallet that you can access using your mobile phone and a stable Internet connection. Paymenticon sports betting is not that popular, even though it offers plenty of advantages compared to traditional Wire Transfers or deposits made using a credit/debit card. Below, we have prepared a detailed analysis of this payment for a better understanding of how things work when using this electronic wallet.

Paymenticon does not offer a physical card to its users. However, using the online platform, you can generate as many virtual cards as you want. You can use them to pay online at untrusted merchants and prevent your actual card details from being stolen.

Each virtual card comes with a unique card number, CVV/CV2 code, and is linked with your full name. Check out the Cards section on your Paymenticon account to get a better understanding of how this process works.

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