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Founded in 1990, Citadel has been a multinational company based in the US.

Primarily a financial services company involved in the analysis of global markets and observing financial forecasts. Investing in numerous industries, they aim to help their partners capitalise from this scheme.

However, being a very flexible company, they are also somewhat involved in the betting scene, offering a money transferring service. It allows anyone to register with them and use their financial management services.

List of Citadel Accepted Bookies

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Is Citadel available on mobile?

Sadly there isn’t an official Citadel money management app yet.


What other features does Citadel offer aside from depositing?

They can help you create financial plans, share smart investment strategies coming from some of the smartest investors.


Is Citadel available in every bookmaker?

At the moment it is limited as if to where it is available. 888Sport being one of the most notable compatible bookies.


Do you need to pay to get Citadel?

No you don’t, the service is completely free and all you have to do is deposit amounts into your account.

How to make a deposit?

  1. 1. Once you’ve made your account you’ll be able to use Citadel to deposit funds into your betting and bookmaking accounts.
  2. 2. You must pick an eligible bookmaker and sign-up, if you’ve not already got an account. Be sure to register your Citadel account with your bookie.
  3. 3. When your account is all set and ready to go, find the deposit button and enter the amount you desire to throw into your bookmaking account.
  4. 4. It should redirect you to your Citadel account so that you may authorise it. You’ll then confirm and the money will officially be displayed on your account.

Is Citadel Safe?

As we just come off the advantages and disadvantages section, we’ll first refer back to some of our facts on there. Citadel has a big customer base and has been rated very highly in terms of supporting their customers and being a very robust service.

The company describes itself as loyal to its community and giving back to its customers. On the face of it all, it seems good as they look like a committed establishment which is ethical for the industry.

Transactions are equipped with encryption which makes it very secure – as most are nowadays. Your information that is stored with Citadel will be kept in encryption also, the staff have no access to it unless absolutely necessary.

The support has been rated as very high and involved. Usually they will reply ASAP during working days and will try to get back to you very fast. You can visit their holiday schedule to see when staff will be available to help you.

Is Citadel Safe?
🏙️ Founded 1990
💻Coverage USA
💳 Type money transferring service
🗺️ Area served USA
📱 Has a dedicated app No
💯 Processing fee 0%
Transaction speed up to 15 minutes

Betway and Citadel

Having extremely easy access to most sports on it’s interface, this is one of the most ideal bookmakers to use that’s also compatible with your preferred payment choice of Citadel. You’ll find that Betway has numerous options and different ways to cash out while you’re on your betting extravaganza.

Betway scored a solid rating of 8/10 on our rating system, thanks to its easy and usable features. The mobile version will offer you another great way to use their app wherever you are, as its carefully developed and modernised edition will grant you even more usability than Betway has to offer.

Citadel and 888sport

Your betting experience at 888Sport will be enhanced with a number of quality-of-life additions.

Types of betting in this site is its strength, meaning users will love what they see on the menu. There’s a lot of sports you’ll be able to bet on and plenty of frequently updated promotions. A mobile version is also available for when you feel the need to use the app on a portable device rather than your desktop.

The licensing for this bookmaker is top notch and it is definitely a trustworthy bookie to be playing with thanks to its UKGC and Gibraltar Gambling qualifications.

Advantages & limitations

Citadel is a company with a view of supporting clients with financial needs. Comparison of numerous things such as credit cards, loans, mortgages and more are available when you bank with Citadel.

They also claim to have consistent and better rates than other banks – which you can view on their website. Citadel is also thoroughly trustworthy, as they have been part of the community and operational for a long time now.

Their customer service has been rated as outstanding by users, as the website also claims. Slick looking interface seems to be decent and good to go for users who want an easy experience, the colour scheme is white and not too complicated overall.

The company has 215,000 customers, 4 billion plus assets, and is number one in Pennsylvania for customer value, all as displayed on their page.

However, here are always cons to the pros. Even though Citadel offers fairly decent rates, there will always be disadvantages with the rates, as if you deposit a large sum of money onto your account, you may risk losing a big equation of it if you’re not aware or haven’t calculated the affected amount you’ll be losing.

There’s no notable mobile app of Citadel banking – meaning, they could be behind on handheld banking and portable money management.

Limits, fees & withdrawal times

In this section we’ll explore how quick you can receive your funds and the fees imposed on your amounts with Citadel and numerous bookmakers.

With 888sport, Citadel would take up to 15 minutes to deposit into your betting account, whilst all withdrawal requests take approximately 2 days to process into your Citadel account. The minimum payment is $10 regardless of payment method.



Deposit rates

No mobile app

Deposit Times, Fees & Limits

decor-blue decor-blue
Betting Site Deposit speed Free Limits Min/Max


15 min

Min $10


15 min

Withdrawal Times, Fees & Limits

decor-blue decor-blue
Betting Site Withdrawal speed Free Limits Min/Max


2 days

Min $10


24 hours

Alternative payment methods

For those interested in cryptocurrency as an alternative to Citadel, we recommend to check out information on best Ethereum betting sites.

  • paypal-100x100sa

    PayPal is one of the most traditional eWallets, and can be used to serve as an intermediate payment system for Citadel.

  • visa-100x100sa

    You can transfer funds back and forth between VISA and Citadel effortlessly and quickly, making it a good way to fund your account.

  • skrill-100x100sa

    As an another decent eWallet, Skrill serves as a payment method with extremely low fees and fast processing time.

  • trapeziko-emvasma-100x100sa

    Of course, traditional bank wire transfer option is also possible, but may take a little bit too long, even though it is the safest method to transfer your funds.



Working with what we’ve set out above, it looks like Citadel is a very innovative and trustworthy company that has been around for quite a while.

Whilst their payment method isn’t the most popular and is unclearly advertised on numerous sportsbooks that they use it, it can be a very convenient way to pay if you find use for their additional help with financial organisation on their own site.

Looking at a more convenient style to pay here, it seems that obtaining Citadel is as easy as making a deposit to a bookmaker. Their layout only increases the usability, the colour scheme is simple and easy to use especially for people who may suffer from colour blindness.

The only disadvantage being the small fee that could be imposed on money transfers and deposits, meaning if you don’t take note you could be penalised.

However this has proven to be a good way to pay on the rise- surely more bookmakers will capitalise from the usability and modern feel of Citadel in the near future.

How to obtain Citadel?

First, you’ll need to visit their website online. You’ll be presented with its white color scheme and the sign up should be easy to find.

You’re able to unlock the resources and services of Citadel by enrolling online. You’ll be asked to put your account details in and create a username in the process to keep your account secure even more.

You’ll then be able to set up your account properly, get help with financially planning your route, and more. You can also borrow and invest on the website.

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