The Hurricane Emerges Victorious in Spain

Vadims Mikeļevičs

Vadims Mikeļevičs


MightyTips ambassador Jevgenijs "The Hurricane" Aleksejevs was in sparkling form in his fight in Spain, breezing past French fighter Dimitri Trenel in a third-round TKO, preserving his undefeated professional record in the process.

It was an authoritative performance from the champion kick-boxer-turned-boxer, who put his opponent under severe pressure from the moment the bell rang with a stinging straight left shot which he used to significant effect throughout.

The victory means The Hurricane's Super Welterweight ranking is 299, and the task for him and his coach Igors Mesmers is to capitalise on his undefeated record to continue the climb.

And we here at MightyTips will do everything we can to help him along the way.

Team Hurricane Satisfied With Fight Execution

A Stunning Setting for a Picture-Perfect Performance

The Holiday World Resort in Benalmadena hosted the event on Saturday, 5th August. It was a balmy evening on the Costa del Sol, with the boxing ring overlooking the Alboran Sea.

If there were any nerves on his first fight outside of his hometown, The Hurricane didn't show any. Indeed, it was a perfect exhibition of sizing up a fighter before finishing the job.

A Stunning Setting for a Picture-Perfect Performance 1

Light on his feet and utilising a substantial reach advantage, Aleksejevs opted for a strategic approach in the first two rounds, throwing the left jab and working the body of Trenel whenever possible. His languid, easy-going, and natural boxing style was in stark contrast to the stalking, hunched, and intense approach of Trenel, enabling him to deal with any arcing haymakers with ease.

After a largely uneventful first round in which The Hurricane was in total control, the first sign of his impending dominance came with 43 seconds on the clock in round two. A right uppercut and left hook combo - a partnership that proved decisive throughout - was enough for the first of three knockdowns in the fight. Trenel shook it off, but it was a window into what would come.

A Stunning Setting for a Picture-Perfect Performance 2

In the third round, The Hurricane began ratcheting up the force, moving closer to Trenel, and with one minute and 14 seconds on the clock, another stunning right uppercut and shuddering left hook sunk a bloody-nosed Trenel to his right knee for the first knockdown of the round and the second of the fight.

The Frenchman bravely managed to shake it off, but any respite was non-existent, and with Aleksejevs beginning to drop his hands and pick his shots confidently and at will, the writing was on the wall.

With 56 seconds still left on the clock in round three, another right upper-cut and left-hook combo (the latter another sickening body shot) was enough to end the contest, with Trenel accepting the referee's decision to wave it off.

A Stunning Setting for a Picture-Perfect Performance 3

In truth, the Frenchman looked glad for the fight to be called, apparently acknowledging the better fighter on the day and lifting the hand of Aleksejevs to an impressed crowd.

Meanwhile, The Hurricane gave the crowd four customary short and sharp bows. It felt very much like a business-as-usual sort of fight from Aleksejevs, which is all the more impressive when you consider his previous professional bout was back in 2021.

A Stunning Setting for a Picture-Perfect Performance 5

Team Hurricane Satisfied With Fight Execution

Speaking in the aftermath of the fight, Aleksejevs was happy with his performance and believed the fight plan came good.

"The goal for the fight was to execute a technical battle. I wanted to feel out the distance with the opponent for the first two rounds by throwing the jab and working the body, picking him off on the counterattack," he said.

"Once I felt the distance, I closed in on the opponent (in the 3rd round) and worked up close, targeting the body and head, ensuring the punches land."

"The first two rounds were about stretching it out, provoking, and counterattacking. A winning strategy. The third round was about finishing strong."

The Hurricane's coach, Igors Mesmers, added: "The fight went almost flawlessly, all according to the plan and tactics. The first round was reconnaissance, and in the second, we found the distance and openings in the opponent's defence, wore him down and scored a knockdown."

He heaped praise on his fighter in the aftermath: "Jevgenijs demonstrated thoughtful, technical work, ring control, active defence, well-thought-out counterattacks, and striking power under pressure."

What is the MightyTips and Jevgenijs "The Hurricane" Aleksejevs Collaboration?

Can The Hurricane Push On?

It was the type of performance that could turn a few heads. At 31, he is at the prime of his peak physical years. Despite having relatively little pro boxing experience, he has decades of combat background behind him thanks to his past in taekwondo and kickboxing.

His next opponent is yet to be named, but there is no telling just how far one of the shining lights of Latvia's boxing scene can go.

Can The Hurricane Push On?

Who is The Hurricane?

Born: 6th July 1993, Latvia

Height: 6'0

Pro Boxing Record: 14 wins, 0 draws, and 0 defeats

KOs: 57.14%

Stance: Orthodox

Career combat awards: World Kickboxing Champion 2007, European Kickboxing Champion 2008, Baltic K-1 Champion 2010, European Muaythai Champion 2011, European Professional K-1 Champion 2015.

Follow the boxer @ealeksеev on Instagram and Youtube for the latest updates on his career. For business inquiries, contact his manager at

What is the MightyTips and Jevgenijs "The Hurricane" Aleksejevs Collaboration?

As a company that thrives in the realm of sports, we are fully committed to empowering athletes to reach unparalleled heights. We're thrilled to join forces with The Hurricane, believing that our collaboration will assist him in conquering fresh challenges and preserve his remarkable streak of victories. At the same time, this partnership underlines our position as MightyTips - your ultimate destination for top-tier betting platforms, applications and boxing betting sites.

At MightyTips, we offer a full array of information about betting, be it tips and predictions, review, betting apps, or best live betting sites.

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