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Aigar Shilvan

Aigar Shilvan


There are plenty of bookmaker review websites on the web and the vast majority of them have 1 common thing. These reviews are written by copywriters, not real gamblers or betting experts. Here at MightyTips all bookie reviews are made by persons with long experience in the gambling industry. The aforementioned factor and full devotion to the work we create are our bargaining chip as compared to other review websites.

To get the full picture of a particular bookie, we divide it into smaller segments and use them simultaneously in order to gather as much info as possible. Afterwards, we rate every particular aspect and put them together to make our final conclusion that is displayed as a mark out of 10, where “0” means complete scam, place to avoid at all costs and “10” means perfect bookie in all specifications. However, we have found neither of these opposite sides yet.

bookmaker specifications

Every bookmaker contains 8 aspects and here is the short description of how we rate each of them.


The most contentious specification depends on personal demands of every user. We try to be neutral and rate how easy it is to navigate across the website. Navigation through bookmaker’s webpage must be fast, intuitive and user-friendly. If a client is spending 2 - 3 minutes searching for a specific match, we classify that as poor usability and won’t give more than 4-5/10 in our rating. Also, parameters like website loading speed, site design (neutral, toxic colours) are also considered.


The easiest-to-rate part of our reviews. We select 20 random games from each sport (from the top, middle and minor leagues) and calculate the average bookmaker's margin. If a bookie offers lower odds than its competitors, we consider that as a low odds offer and can’t give more than 5 - 6 out of 10. On the other hand, if bookie frequently provides odds higher than the market`s average, and its betting margin is close to 2 - 3%, we would rate it as 9-10 out of 10 with no doubts.


In this section we assess bookmaker`s website mobile version. Is it easy to navigate, user-friendly and working smoothly? If the website logs you out from time to time, it takes a time to find a specific match and overall speed is slow, we would rate such bookie with 1 - 4 out of 10. Noteworthy, we are testing bookmakers on the different devices both on android and iOS and run tested bookies from different mobile browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini.

Bonuses and promotions

The “sweetest” part of our rating. If bookie gives the customer a reasonable first deposit bonus and has at least 3 - 4 parallel promos, where you can take part and get extra value in $, we would rate such bookie in the range of 7 - 10 out of 10. Why 7 - 10? It depends on how low the wagering requirements would be. The lower the wager, the higher is our mark. For example, if you take a 100$ bonus with 50x wager, that means you CAN NOT cashout your money until you have set bets on 5000$. As shown by practice, this leaves a lot of players frustrated, and they raise their regular bet slip amount to meet the “rollover” requirements. Unfortunately, after this many players end up with 0$ on their balance. That’s why we try to identify these hidden traps and show the safe paths for our readers.

Type of bets

In football sports market some bookmakers don`t cover minor leagues like Segunda B, Bundesliga 3. We know that by doing this bookmakers try to avoid strong minor league specialists, who can get an advantage over bookie in those leagues. We deduct some points from a bookie who covers only major leagues. Well, most of our readers bet only on football. However, there is a part of players looking for particular and extraordinary bets - Esports (DOTA,Counter Strike,LoL,Starcraft), betting on elections, Brexit betting, Eurovision, etc. The bigger is the variety the betting markets offered - the higher is our evaluation.


Nowadays, due to tight legislations, it is hard for betting companies to operate on different markets, but we are still somewhere in the middle between Wild west times and fully regulated and licensed market. Things are getting better over the years, but there are still plenty of illegal bookmakers with a pattern to cheat and scam their customers. The most frequent cases are:

  • account bans,
  • max bet cutting for profitable players,
  • annulating won bets
  • delaying cashouts for no reason

We rate bookies from our personal betting experience + draw on the experience of interaction with the bookies of our colleagues. If we rate betting site`s trustworthiness level from 1 to 6, we advise playing with these bookies at your own risk.

william hill betting shop

Withdrawal speed

Math is simple - you provide unlimited cashouts in terms of minutes - you get 10/10. For example, withdrawing, 20$ to Skrill within 4 days will get 1-4/10. No excuses!


It is crucial to get the fast help response when you need it. Most common channels to reach help are live support, phone call or email. If bookie provides all 3 channels, responds quickly and solves your problems in minutes, we rate such service with 8 - 10/ 10. If you are spending more than 10 minutes in Live Chat and there is no progress with your issue - you wasted minutes of your life. That`s a deserved 1 - 5/ out of 10. Besides that, we are testing support by using betting-related vocabulary to check their competence in the betting field.

We are creating these bookmaker reviews to help you avoid scam and low-quality websites. Besides that, one of our goals is to highlight betting sites, who earned their reputation, achieving top scores in all our reviewed aspects. If you are looking for a review about a particular bookmaker that is missing on the website, please contact us. We will try to test your chosen bookmaker and publish the results in our bookmakers section.

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Aigar Shilvan

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