Free Super Tips: Scam or Not?

John Duerden

John Duerden


This article is a review of Free Super Tips, a site that provides a lot of tips when it comes to betting on all sports, especially football.

There are numerous tipster sites out there and there is a lot of information on all of them. Free Super Tips is no different. This review will help sum up concisely all that you need to know and the main points covered, as well as whether Free Super Tips is scam or legit, will be:

  • How it works and what it does
  • What is the basic reason for the site
  • Whether Free Super Tips is a scam or real
  • Our verdict

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Free Super Tips Features and Usability

When you visit Free Super Tips, what can you expect?

  • Betting tips - This is not exactly a surprise, given the name of the site. There are a lot of tips that are made every day, especially in football. A good point is that it is not just single bets, but also double bets and accumulators.
  • Predictions - I liked this part. If you go to the predictions section and click on the link, you are not simply given a scoreline, but an extensive preview of the game. It’s nicely laid out with reasons for the prediction clearly given. There is a lot of information and form given about the two teams. You can also see the bonuses offered regarding the game. Also, you can see the person who made the prediction, so if you value the advice, you can keep following them.
  • Bonuses and promotions - One convenient aspect to the site is that when you find the game you may want to bet on, you can see the predictions, the information and there are also the different bonuses and promotions that are connected to the game. Instead of visiting each individual site, you can see all the different possibilities and pick the one that appeals the most. It is nice and easy.

Free Super Tips- What is it for?

We all want to win money when gambling. Since it is impossible to know how a sport game is going to end, there are a number of places that offer tips.

The point of Free Super Tips is to try and become a one-stop centre for all your betting needs. It is an easy site to navigate and everything is set out cleanly. Whether you are an experienced punter or looking to do so for the first time, you can find what you need. It is heavy on football with around nine out of ten predictions on that, so if you want to bet on other sports, it may be worth to look elsewhere.

The main question is whether you can make money following the tips.That really depends on which tips you take - there are a lot of them, so it can be hard to keep track and this is especially true as there does not seem to be a place where you can see how past tips have worked out. If the tips were doing well, then I would expect that the site would make sure that every visitor would know about it.

Is Free Super Tips safe?

It is as safe as you want it to be. There are suspicions that some tipping sites can be scam websites that make money from providing links to bookmakers and then take a percentage of the customer’s losses which provides an incentive for customers to lose. You can judge yourself whether the bookie you visit is a legit website or not. If the tips are good, then over time you will make money. If not - there is no reason to keep visiting. And if there are doubts about the links, then go directly to the bookmaker’s site and then there will be no issues.

You don’t need to sign up, to register or to spend any of your hard-earned cash, so it is entirely up to you how much time you want to spend.

Our Verdict

When looking at predictions sites, the important thing is to ask is Free Super Tips a scam? It would be unfair to say Free Super Tips is a scam, as there is no money demanded and there are no false promises made. If you use it just to gather information, there is no harm to be done. Free Super Tips does not make money directly from visitors, but does so by affiliate links, so it is up to you whether to follow these links.

This is a problem for the site in that there are so many adverts and links on the site that it can get a little overwhelming, but it is possible to get past this.

The question is whether it is possible to make money. It is hard to say, as the site does not have a section where you can study past predictions against what actually happened - at least I could not find it.

A quick visit was not a profitable one, but it could be that there is more value over a number of months. It still has plenty of information for the new gambler. The predictions themselves seem to be nothing special, but once again - no guarantees are made. Treat it as a resource that you can dip in and dip out of easily.

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John Duerden

John Duerden

John Duerden has lived in four Asian countries over 20 years and covers the continent's football scene for World Soccer magazine, The Guardian, ESPN, Associated Press and other media.