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Casumo mobile app

In this article, we explore the Casumo mobile versions and review how they work. You will learn how to use and download the Casumo sportsbook app.

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Casumo mobile app

Here, we take a much closer look at the Casumo mobile site applications and how they function. We show you some of the features and a way to use and download the Casumo app onto your device.

This is one of the many mobile apps aimed at punters who want to do their betting on the go and specifically with Casumo, who offer an experience to some players that can prove irreplaceable. 

Alternatively, you can check out some other bookmakers to compare them with Casumo on our extensive bookmakers list

casumo app

How to Download Casumo Mobile App

The Casumo mobile app is available from both Apple and Android sources. You can access the link directly from the Casumo website on desktop or, if you access via mobile, you will be taken to your respective store app.

Searching for Casumo .apk or Casumo app download will take you to the sources, as the website provides a good link to either store for both phones.

How to install Casumo .apk for Android

You can get a hold of the Casumo mobile app for Android straight from the website but it can also guide you to using the link, which takes you to the play store. Simply searching for the Casumo Android app will enable you to find this page within their site.

How to install Casumo app for iPhone

This is a similar process to the Android section, as the app is either easily found on the store by searching up the Casumo iOS app name, or you can be directed straight from the website source, taking you to either app store of the phone you are using.

Casumo Mobile Version over Android, iOS or Desktop: advantages and disadvantages

Using the mobile version of Casumo over the desktop or the applications has its benefits. The first being that you can use the application anywhere, even on the go, rather than using the stationary desktop version – as it is basically the same URL, it will mainly be the same site only optimised for a phone interface.

Furthermore, you are avoiding any downloads and clogging up your phone memory by using the mobile version rather than the application. 

However, this is not without its disadvantages, seeing that you will not be able to access the site quickly through your home screen, as apps do this and also hand you a faster experience rather than limiting the phone’s performance.


  • Able to use it anywhere
  • Avoid downloads
  • Same website as desktop version


  • Cannot access site from the home screen
  • Can be slow at times


Aiming to be a minimisation of the desktop site, mobile versions usually stay much more faithful when it comes to site design and the organisation of information. This is definitely the case with the Casumo mobile .apk, as their app provides this sort of foundation for anybody who might prefer the desktop’s layout.

Whilst the application is clearly more mobilised and optimised in favour of performance, it allows for a faster experience and even takes some features elsewhere, offering a more scroll-page layout rather than being able to zoom in and out to view more content. 

Overall, the application is usable and has proven to be worthy of regular use, offering a good betting experience, especially on the designated mobile app rather than the mobile website, which can experience hiccups.

Casumo mobile login

Similar to the desktop versions, the Casumo mobile registration and login is easily found at the very top of the page and gives you the option to continue your login or even sign-up with a new account. We’ll now go through the login process.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Sign up if you have not already
    Signing up is the first step. You need a Casumo account, which you can create regardless of the platform you are using it on. If you sign up on the desktop then you will be able to login with this account.
  2. Find the login section
    Scrolling up will help you to find the login section easily, then clicking will allow you to find the detail section to input.
  3. Fill in your details
    Use the page to fill in your details then confirm using the button at the end.
  4. Login
    You’re now logged in, though you might be asked to verify using your email if it is really you on some occasions.
casumo sign up casumo sign up email create account casumo

Sports betting

The sports betting on the Casumo app offers a decent selection, with quite a wide array of sports to choose from. 

It is one of many betting apps which cover football and other types of popular sports, like basketball. 

Surfing and motorsports are some of the lesser types of betting included within Casumo, making it a great choice even for experienced punters who may be on the lookout for more market choices.

Plus, not only sports, as you are also able to bet on TV and Media.

📲 Available platforms Android, iOS, web
🔴 Live betting  ✔️
💳 Mobile deposits  ✔️
Mobile withdrawals  ✔️
ℹ️ Mobile support Phone, e-mail, live chat
🎁 Mobile offer N/A
casumo football betting bet offers casumo casumo live betting

Live betting

Live betting is one of the main factors that make betting great, enabling punters to place bets whilst the game is on and live!

With the Casumo app, bettors are allowed to switch between pre-game betting and live betting. This is easily done by going to the match page whilst the game is on and placing a bet, with no more switches needed!

The quality of the live betting can vary though. If you’re on the mobile version, you might have an experience that is a little bit slower compared to the application because the browser takes more time to calculate, whereas the app is optimised for quick decisions and switching.


Currently, Casumo for iPhone and Android offers a lot of popular payment methods to punters. Casumo are part of a long list of bookmakers allowing Mastercard payments and other debit card transactions, they also expand their reach to e-wallets such as Skrill, but miss out on PayPal availability which is one limitation they could work on.


casumo payment methods

No commissions or fees are thrown in, which is always a nice bonus to Casumo’s punters. Deposits are fairly quick whilst withdrawals can take time – potentially up to five days if you use direct banking or debit cards. Withdrawals also have less of a variety of payment methods available.


You can easily access the Casumo sportsbook’s support via their support page – usually found at the very bottom of their website. They offer assistance through the phone, email and even a useful live chat option, which allows you to resolve queries very quickly within minutes.

The help has been tested and is competent at a level we consider professional. Clicking the live chat option incites a chat with a helpful employee who will be able to sort any problems out. 

casumo support


So, let’s conclude our review of the Casumo mobile app.

It’s a good adaptation but, like most, the mobile version will be considerably slower than most as it takes the form of a mobile website. Plus, sometimes the lag can affect your betting experience.


Can have episodes of lag

Delayed responses on mobile version

This might hamper quick decision-making but otherwise it has the same stoic and simple design that the Casumo sportsbook has on desktop.

Mobile apps are a different story, quite well developed and faster than the mobile site, though the layout is changed to accommodate the phone screen.

2 ratings, average 2.5 out of 5



Does Casumo offer live streaming services for mobile apps?

At the moment there are no mobile-specific bonuses for Casumo, but you can make use of some of the welcome bonuses, which are not only available on desktop but mobile too!

How easy is it to deposit/withdraw money in the Casumo application?

Quite easy. All you need to do is look for the deposit/withdraw section on your account page.

Where can I find the Casumo promotions in the app?

You can find the promotions on the promotions page, which is clearly displayed with the other homepage options.

Where can I find .apk files for iOS and Android?

On the official website you can find the sources, or search for Casumo .apk for mobile online.

Are there any mobile-specific bonuses?

No, but you can make use of the same bonuses which appear within the desktop app.
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